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Never Say Never…To Enjoy Life’s Most Rewarding Pleasures

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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I hope that you have been enjoying your newsletters and articles from PetCrazy people who truly enjoy sharing their moving stories. Rachel Bickel of California submitted this moving story about, "Never saying never." I know that we can all relate to Rachel and the fact that sometimes to fully enjoy life we need to change directions in our thinking. To read Rachel Bickel's moving story please click here!

If you had asked Rachel two years ago if she would ever get another dog, the answer would have been "no." She had a dog, Maxwell. Half Border collie. He was 11 yrs old and slowing down. She had made up her mind and was firm on this, no more dogs. Rachel adopted Max from the Amanda foundation when he was 5 years old and vowed to never get a dog from any place but a shelter. Never from a Pet Store, never from a breeder became her mantra. Ahhh! Life, it never goes as expected.

One May afternoon in 2005, Rachel spotted a 4-month-old Tri Colored female Border collie at a pet store in the local mall. She was breath taking. All the other dogs were asleep. Not her, she was barking this high pitch bark and jumping up and down. It was as if she was saying to Rachel "its me! Mommy it's me! Get me out of here!"

Rachel and her boyfriend hung out with the dog for about a half hour and she fell in love. When they left, her heart sank. "How could I leave her there. What if the wrong person adopts her? What if she never gets adopted? Rachel could not stop thinking about that beautiful Border collie. So, by 9 pm Ally the Tri Colored Border Collie had found a home. Maxwell was not too happy, but he adjusted.

Rachel and Allie have a developed a bond that is stronger than strong. And, that would never have happened if Rachel had been stuck in her ways, not allowing herself to adapt to different situations.

You might be adamant about only getting a pure-breed dog from either a breeder or from a pet store or just the opposite you might want to only adopt from a shelter, sometimes we need to step back and say, "Never say never."

Dog lovers out there I am quite sure you have a story tell, so I would encourage you to share it with us

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Never Say Never…To Enjoy Life’s Most Rewarding Pleasures

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