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NYC Pet Project: Rescuing Taz

By: Alex Lieber

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When you think of your pet, what words come to mind? If your pet could read, what would your letters say?

Authors Edward J. Kaczmarek III and Michael J. La Rue collected the answers to these questions in the form of hundreds of letters, which are published in the book NYC Pet Project (Good Books Publishing, Inc.). The book is a compendium of letters and portraits of New Yorkers – ordinary and famous.

The following letter was written from "Hoe" and "Little" – two Brooklyn men who came across Taz, a pit bull that was being abused by his owner. The men came to Taz's rescue, and the three quickly forged a common bond.

To My New-found Friend Taz:

        Ever since that crazy night I had to hurt someone because they were hurting you, I have tried to take care of you in the best way possible. Unlike other pit bull owners, I will not put you to fight, but I will teach you to defend yourself and your family. You will know respect, honor and, most of all, to me, trust and obedience. You will grow and mature, and as you do, our family will be by your side to the end. Remember, I will always be there for you in the time of need and I know you will be there for us. Taz, get ready for a life full of love, trust and family, and most of all, a life full of fun.

Love always,

Hoe and Little

The letter appears within the NYC Pet Project book in the author's actual handwriting.

Good Books Publishing, Inc. has provided some the content from the NYC Pet Project for inclusion in this website. For additional information on Good Books Publishing, Inc. or to order the NYC Pet Project book, go to or your local bookstore.

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NYC Pet Project: Rescuing Taz

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