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Owners Comments About Dog Breeds Bad with Cats

By: The Irreverent Veterinarian

Read By: Pet Lovers
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A few weeks ago – I wrote an article called "The Irreverent Vet Speaks out on Dog Breeds that are Bad with Cats". As I wrote to you, we had questions from users about what dog breeds are especially bad or aggressive to cats.

Go to my full article to read my list and comments. Go to The Irreverent Vet Speaks out on Dog Breeds that are Bad with Cats.

This article promoted a lot of emails and comments from dog lovers. To be balanced, I'd like to share some of those comments with you.

1. Weimaraners Bad with Cats – From Donna Keith.

Just thought I'd share my opinion on a breed that I feel is bad with cats - Weimaraners. We have a Weimaraner that killed my cat. I was devastated. I had the cat for years, and also had 2 other dogs that got along fine with the cat. But when I got married, my husband had a
Weimaraner puppy. I did my best to socialize him with the cat, just like I did with my other dogs. Things seemed to be fine, but he did always seem to have the instinct to chase her. One day I came home, and found my cat dead. I usually kept my cat in a separate area of the house when I wasn't home, just to make sure she was safe, so I'm not sure how he got to her. But anyway, it was a terrible thing. I do still love my Weimar very much, (although I'll admit it took me awhile to forgive him). He's really a truly sweet, lovable, and wonderful dog. But I think the chase and hunt instinct in him was too great, especially if she ran, or hissed at him. He loves to chase most anything, birds, squirrels (he recently caught one of those too), rabbits, etc. I think it's just his breed. I've heard stories of Weimars getting along with cats, but I would never take the chance again, nor would I advise anyone to get a Weimaraner if they have a cat. Just my personal experience, I thought I would share. Good luck to those who have cats and dogs. I'd love to have another cat, but I've learned a hard lesson with my Weimar.

Donna Keith

2. Irreverent Vet is unfair - From Michelle S.

This email is in regards to the article by "the irreverent veterinarian" in which he/she speaks of which dog breeds are good /bad with cats. He/she seems very convinced and emphatic about stating pit bulls in his/her opinion seem to be the worst with cats and I had to email and tell you that could not be further from the truth and I am personally offended by the article. I have 5 dogs and a number of cats. One of my dogs is a pit bull and the cats cuddle up and sleep with him rub all over him , walk all over him and he is great with them. My brother also has a pit bull though he does not have cats his dog has been around cats and she also is great with them. I think if the "irreverent veterinarian" wanted to appear intelligent he/she should have stuck with the original theme in that any dog can be good or bad with cats depending on the situation but he/she strayed decided to mention certain breeds and personally I think that was an irresponsible thing to do and really not very intelligent.

3. Greyhounds Not good with Strange Cats - From Lorraine

Hello, To add to your comments about "which dogs are cat/not cat friendly" – I have adopted two retired racing greyhounds, and they make excellent pets once they come off the track. I also have two cats, and was concerned over how they would take to each other, as greyhounds do have an extremely high prey drive. As with any breed, you have to introduce them properly, and supervise or keep them separated until you are absolutely sure they are ok together, but still give the cats an "out". In my case my greys don't do stairs, so the cats can escape if they need to. My hounds have come to ignore the cats completely, and accept them without question, because they are part of our pack. But lookout any outdoor cats! The prey drive kicks in, and I know my beautiful gentle sensitive dogs would kill them instantly. Not something I ever want to see, so I keep an eye out when we are walking, some outdoor cats have come very close to going to the bridge! Everyone needs to be vigilant, whatever the breed, especially if the animals have not been raised together, but they can be introduced and live happily together.

4. Never Trust a Schnauzer – from Michael Dacunha

Thanks for the heads up re: Greyhounds. I would never have suspected that. Greyhounds always seem so docile and calm when I see them on the street. I will say this much I would never trust my cat around a Schnauzer. We had one especially horrifying incident many years ago that I will never forget. I can't say this is a trait of the breed but I know. I will never take that chance again.


Michael da Cunha

5. Pit bulls Not really Mean – from Juliana Elton

I suppose I cant disagree that pit bulls can be mean if people train them that way, but it is not the breed. I have a pit bull, and she is extremely well trained and was raised around cats, so of course she is good with cats, but she has never seemed to have that kill instinct that my roommate's shepherd mix, who has killed mice and squirrels and chases my cats when she doesnt think I am watching, has. Her natural disposition is calm and inquisitive, and she has never shown any sign of bad instincts from her breed.

6. All Hounds as "baddies" – from Lorayn Walser

I would probably add hounds to the list of cat "baddies". Most of the hounds we rescue were trained on caged cats, and like nothing better than to tree your tabby.

7. Pit Bull/Lab Mix – Bad with Cats? – from Anne Hall

In regards to dog breeds that are bad with cats; I have a pit bull/lab mix. that has adapted quite nicely with a kitten we acquired a year after getting the dog. We also recently adpoted a new kitten and the dog gets along well with the new kitten as well. However, if our dog Rocky sees a strange cat, he goes for the chase, and I'm sure if he ever got a hold of a strange cat, he would definitely shake the stuffing out of it. He caught a baby bunny the other day, and that's exactly what happened to the bunny. Got the stuffing shook right out of him.

8. Your list Isn't Long Enough – from Lynn Stacey

I don't disagree with the breeds listed, but your list isn't long enough! I would include any breed of upland bird dog-GSP, Weimaraner, Viszla, etc any dog hunting type dog with generally high prey drive as being iffy around cats. Alot of terriers too, not just Parsons or Pits.

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Owners Comments About Dog Breeds Bad with Cats

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