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Owners Comments About Dog Breeds Bad with Cats

By: The Irreverent Veterinarian

Read By: Pet Lovers
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9. Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks? - from Jeremy Lies.

Just a thought, I grew up with German Shorthairs and am in the process of getting one for myself after mine died last year. I do not have cats, my mother was allergic to them so they never really grew on me. So my dogs in the past and now have never been socialized with cats and boy did they love the chase. Just from past experiences with dogs, I would make a rather strong guess that any dog that has the chase instinct in its background, hunting type dogs most importantly would have the draw to chase "prey" to some degree. As you said though socializing is very important to any outside item. Cats, children, neighbors, car rides, other dogs just to name a few. I would agree with the vet that when he said that getting an older dog that was not with cats could be detrimental to the cats. I do not believe that old dogs can't learn new tricks, but does the owner have the time to train when new tricks will take longer time to teach and bad habits are hard to rise above for any animal, including people.

Jeremy Lies

10. It's All in the Training - from Cara Sims

I just want to comment on your article about certain dog breeds that are bad with cats. I have 2 German shepherds and 1 pit bull that are extremely affectionate and kind towards my 2 cats. When they were puppies my husband and I were very consistent and diligent about training them to be kind to the cats. I made a point to show them that the cats were very important in our house. I read an article that said in the wild the alpha dog eats first then the other dogs eat. So, I made the point to feed the cats before the dogs and I let the dogs see this and also made sure the dogs were reprimanded verbally if they ever tried to run after or nip at one of the cats. However, I completely agree with the point you made about some dogs do well with the cats they are raised with but not others. If a neighborhood cat comes into our yard, my dogs will chase it. I believe that all dogs and cats can live together if they are trained appropriately.

Thanks for the terrific article. - Cara Sims

11. Pitt Bull reputation is Unfair - from Kim Novins

Regarding your article about "bad breeds" with cats, I have cats and both a large pit bull and a Jack Russell terrier. Both are very well-mannered with cats. The cats are more unpleasant with each other than the dogs, whom, for the most part, ignore the cats altogether.

My rescued pit bull is the BEST dog I've ever had, and other people in my neighborhood agree about theirs (pits are popular in Long Beach). I wish that people would stop demonizing the breed into extinction.

Kim Novins

12. Chow-Chows Can't Be Trusted – from Mary N.

Chow-chow are also bad with cats as they also kill them, ask me I know as I have 2 chow chows.

13. I disagree with Your Article - from Vicky Whiting

I totally disagree with most of the article. The only part I agree with is the section about adopting an adult dog. And, that is only because people adopt the dog without researching the breed and the type of handling needed for that breed to make it a "good dog"

My neighbor rescued a one year old Staffordshire terrier after his owners were trying to fight him. He was torn up and had facial scarring. She took him straight into her home filled with 4 cats and a runt 17 pound cocker spaniel that thinks he's a trained attack dog. (the cocker was on oxygen at birth for 30 minutes and the vet didn't think he'd survive, so he is off a bit)

Any way, the staffy was named buddy and after extensive "training" and the loss of 3 entire couches, buddy fit right into the neighborhood weighing in at 110 lbs. He never once went after any of the cats, cocker, or any other living thing. Why? Because my neighbor made it known she was the pack leader, alpha of the home.

People get dogs without not knowing how to handle the breed. Pitts already have a bad rap because of the idiots that are getting them for status or fighting. Buddy lived on our street for 9 wonderful years and recently lost his battle to cancer. First impression was fear when you
saw him due to his massive head size and body tone, but after that, he would just give your face a good washing with his tongue.

So please, in the future, be more specific when writing about certain breeds because townships in Wisconsin are outlawing pits, pit mixes, rotts, rott mixes from the township and people have to get rid of their beloved dog.

14. A long Time and Still Not Friends - from Jason M Babbage

I have a Jack (Parsons) Russell Terrier and also have two cats. My Dog seems to be getting along with one cat (BeBe) good as long as the cat doesn't run. I still haven't been able to stop my dog from chasing the cats when they run. but usually BeBe will just turn around and swat the dog. My other cat Butters (Siamese) however growls when the dog is near and every time they are around each other it seems like a fight is about to happen. Butters still hides in what i call the safe room a baby gated room all day until the dog is outside or out of sight then she wanders around. I thought since my dog can tolerate BeBe Sometimes they even sleep on my lap with each other she will start to get along with butters. But after about 8 months they butlers and the dog cant be around each other.

Note: I got my dog as a 4-year-old from the humane society. And the two cats are 4 and 3 and have been together there whole lives.

15. Small Children Causing problem? - From Tiffany Roe

About two weeks ago, my husband and I adopted a 6 wk old kitten and our dog, Anakin (pitbull), was ecstatic about the new arrival but was actually more scared of her hissing and spitting than she was of his size. They get along great now, with Nikki being the antagonist. It is important to note, that Anakin had never seen a kitten before, and I believe it's how you raise your pup to handle situations where he LISTENS to you. I have a strict kennel and "NO" rule that has worked with all of the pits I have raised and have never seen a killed cat(thank God). My precious baby, Damien(also pitbull), was older and passed away this past Christmas is what prompted us to adopt for Anakin's companionship. Our dogs thrive in an accepting and laid-back household and I have always believed that patience and understanding from day one is what matters most to socializing the family to a new addition. And as far as facts go, I'm
certain that small children are the leading cause of animal abuse and accidental death against cats, not dogs.

16. Strange Cats NOT Safe - from Liliane Laufer

Hello, I have read your list of dogs which are considered "bad" for cats. I've personally always had both cat and dog. My Husky/wolf dog enjoyed being around cats, he played with them. My Rottie also played with them and little itty bitty Yorkshire Terrier. Now I have a female Staffie pitbull, and she is now playing around with cats and also the Yorky. The problem is that strange cats are naturally afraid of dogs and tend to run away and dogs tend to run after them, and I guess some of the times rough plays them a little too much, but deep down, I'm sure it is just play they had in mind at the begining. As long as my dogs get along with my cats and hamsters, I don't really care if they run away strange cats from my back yard, they are not supposed to be there in the first place. My cats are both operated and never leave my back yard where they are safe. People are the problem!!!

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Owners Comments About Dog Breeds Bad with Cats

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