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Owners Comments About Dog Breeds Bad with Cats

By: The Irreverent Veterinarian

Read By: Pet Lovers
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18. Some Ridgebacks Like Cats...Others Don't from Vas Demetriou

I have 3 large Rhodesian Ridgebacks, 2 Maine coons, 1 Siamese, 1 Persian & 1 alley cat. My Maine Coons love my male ridgeback and rub up against him and play with him. My female ridgebacks just hate cats, however they are petrified of my Siamese, he rules the roost. The dogs are terrified to come into my house if he is around. Funnier though is that they are all scared
stiff of my cockatoo, dogs and cats alike!

19. The Irreverent Vet is Wrong –from Marrianne Robertson

Hi, I have to speak out against your irreverent vet, he is wrong by calling out specific breeds as being bad with cats. It is up to the owner to provide leadership and boundaries for the dogs, and to ensure that cats and dogs when living under the same roof are safe above all else.
My pit bulls are great with our cats. The cats (2 siamese and 1 DSH) eat, sleep and hang out on the couch with the dogs all day and night. The vet is a little out to lunch with their BSL (a knee-jerk reaction), and should take more care and address the root cause of issues with dogs, cats, and yes, even children. Most often you would likely trace problems back to the owners or parent's behaviour. Regards, Marianne Robertson

20. I also Disagree with the Irreverent Vet – from Emma Johnson

My name is Emma Johnson and I too disagree with the vet on what dog breeds are good/bad with cats. I have a pit bull mix and she is great with my cats. She cleans them and tones her energy down when she is near my older cat. She plays with the kittens and will sleep curled up next to them. I think the most important thing is if the dog is raised/socialized with cats. We got Bonnie, the pit bull mix from the local shelter when she was only 4 months old. She learned from a young age about cats and other dogs. My other dog, Bailey, who is a lab mix is also good with the cats, though doesn't interact with them very much. I adopted her when she was 1.5 years and she hadn't been around cats during her puppy stage. She tolerates them, but does not go out of her way to be near them.

Emma Johnson

21. I disagree About Pitbulls Not Being Good with Cats – from Rae Ann Cote

I would have to also disagree about Pit Bulls not being good with cats. I have a 3 year old male Pit Bull and a 7 year old male tiger cat. They are the best of friends. They sleep together, eat together, and play together. When we first got our cat (he was 5), he was a bit skittish. But now, nothing seems to startle him.

One other story I have was a friends of mine had a pit bull some years ago who gave birth. A litter of kittens were abandoned by their mother somewhere new my friends yard. As a result, the pit bull took care of these kittens as if they were her own.

I have never had a bad experience with pit bulls. They are loving, gentle, kind creatures no matter how the public portrays them. They listen very well, are very attentive, and are willing to die for you. My pit bull is my best friends and he is great at changing any bad mood. He's very high energy, but he's worth it!

I'm not sure if this is specific to my pit bull, since I had rescued him from the Animal Rescue League (and he's more grateful because of it), but I have never had an animal more appreciative of being part of a family.

22. No Bad Dogs – Only Bad Owners – From Linda Raedel

I agree with the pit bull owner in regards to cats. We have a lab boxer mix and a pit bull. The pit bull is the most gentle dog you would want to meet. we have 6 caats and the pit bull will cuddle up to any of them.A former purebred chocolate lab was our cat killer. I believe in the saying Their are no bad dogs.... Only bad owners. Thanks Linda Raedel ( grandma to mia and forrest )

23. How My Rottweiler Deals with My Cats from Mary Ann Vass

My Comment is to address the the Irreverant Vet's article on the breed of dogs that are bad with cats. I just wanted to share something sweet in general.

I have 6 cats which were all taken in as strays. My husband wanted a dog, but we both had our fears on how that would play out with the cats. I wanted to rescue a dog and did a lot of research on-line about different breeds. After a lot of research and looking at many pictures, I came
across the sweetest face. I was on a site called and saw a 4 month old male Rottweiler. He has a rough start with owners that were not particularly nice. My husband and I went to see him and fell in love.

Speed ahead 8 years and here we are. Ruckus, our 130lb Rottweiler loves all of the cats and they love him. It is so cute to watch them lay on his big dog bed and when he comes along and see that, he just lays on the floor next to the bed, so they can have it. He licks their little faces
so gently and in return, they like to lick him back. He also allows them nuzzle in and try to eat food out of his bowl with him as he eats. They have their own food, but for some reason they love to get in his bowl while he eats.

Moral of the story, as the Irreverent vet stated, it really does depend on the situation. I always smile when I see how sweet and my big Ruckus is with the cats.

24. You hate Pitbulls – from Dawn Stretar

Dear Editors,

Why don't you come right out and say you hate pit bulls? Again, you have managed to offend me with your article through your implication. I am canceling my subscription and will never patronize your store again. It is because of people like you that I am in constant peril of losing my dog, whom I love deeply. And you call yourselves animal lovers.
Dawn Stretar

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Owners Comments About Dog Breeds Bad with Cats

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