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Owners Comments About Dog Breeds Bad with Cats

By: The Irreverent Veterinarian

Read By: Pet Lovers
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25. Labels are not Necessary – from Vicki Fitzpatrick

Hello there,

I too have a pitbull and a cat. My cat is 14 years old and my dog is 12 years old. They get along just fine and always have.

I don't believe in putting labels on dogs and I have to say that I'm surprised that your irreverent vet feels it necessary to. As a vet, they should know that the way a dog behaves has everything to do with the way the dog owner relates to the dog. I understand that the breed of dog should be considered as there are certain traits that have been bred into dogs. But to make a blanket statement about which dogs are the worst with cats, or with anything else, seems very outdated and irresponsible.

I assume that part of the reason for the irreverent vet to do this is to provide copy for your website. However, if the irreverent vet wants to be taken seriously and have credibility among the readers, the articles provided should be intelligent and not possibly encourage negative opinions about any breed of dog.

The first time I took my pitbull to the vet, I asked her if she gets bit alot by her pitbull patients. She told me that it was quite the contrary. She said she had never been bitten by a pitbull but almost always got nipped by the smaller breed dogs like Llaso Apso and Chihuahua.

Dogs are dogs. And while we do have to consider the traits bred into a breed, one cannot make a blanket statement about any certain behavior. Golden Retrievers are supposed to be one of the top dogs for overall friendliness and good behavior. However, our neighbor has one that no one can go near for fear he'll bite them because he's very aggressive and tries to attack. But the dog is kept in a kennel all day and only gets out when the guy takes him for a 5 minute walk. You'd probably be a little grouchy if you were kept in a kennel all day too.

I believe that everything depends on the Owner of a pet. The dog will respond to the Owner in direct correlation to how the Owner treats the dog. The articles by the irreverent vet should focus more on the proper ways to live with a dog, no matter what the breed, and less about frivolous things like which breed of dogs are the best or worst with cats. It takes more than food, water, and shelter to raise a healthy dog and my neighbor and his Golden Retriever prove that everyday.

Thank you for listening and considering my comments.

Vicki Fitzpatrick
Orange, California

26. Don't Worry About Pitbulls – Think About Other Breeds – from Bonnie

In response to Michelle's letter re the pit bull and cats. I too have 8 dogs, one of which is a pitbull. I strongly agree with Michelle. My pitbull is the only one of my dogs which cuddled with the cats when we had them. (They were 16 when they passed away).

One of my dogs is a husky and she would kill any small mammal including cats! I know quite a few people with pit bulls and every one of them are great with cats and with children. Maybe your irreverent vet could own his own pitbull before making judgments on them.

I have discovered that the only people who have a pitbull with an 'attitude' are the owners who have the same attitude! These sort of people would make any dog unpleasant.

Our pit bull loves small animals and has his own fluffy toys to cuddle with since we lost our cats.
Good on Michelle for writing back to set the record straight!

Kind regards,

27. Be Careful of Mixed Breeds – from Lauren

I'd just like to say in response to the previous email that i do agree with Michelle. The irreverent vet claims that any dog can be good or bad with cats depending on the situation, but then goes on to mention specific breeds, thus contradicting his/her first claim. This is a serious flaw in
his/her arguement. Although i don't doubt the irreverent vet's intelligence at this point, i do doubt his/her credibility. I am also disappointed to see that bias has crept into his/her argument, which in my opinion, makes it weaker. That said I would also like to mention that although certain individuals of those breeds probably don't get along too well with cats, there are just as many individuals of other breeds with the same characteristic. Unfortunately we hear little of this because negative reports against the more "family freindly" breeds such as the Labrador Retriever tend to be swept under the rug and go unreported.

It also seems many people don't know what a pitbull is these days, and anything with the word "bull" in the breed name translates to many people as "pitbull" as opposed to "bulldog" or "bull terrier". So since many of these vets don't actually see the attacks, it is unwise to rely on
completely inaccurate recollections of the general public as witnesses to dog attacks upon cats and other dogs when they unable to accurately identify the breed without proof. It is unfortunate to know that many of my non-animal friends walking down the road will avoid such dogs as
Boxers, Ridegbacks, and Bullmastiffs because they thinks they are pitbulls, and I believe this is true of the general public (not just people i know). Most of the dog attacks I myself have witnessed have actually been from mixed breeds. Go figure.


28. I am inclined to agree...Somewhat – From Sue

Hi...I just read the Irreverent vet article and yes I am inclined to agree...somewhat. There are certain breeds that just tend to not be trustworthy around smaller animals. For instance, we bought an Akita as a puppy and raised her with my toy poodles and cats. At the age of 8 months she snapped at a poodle. Though the poodle was not hurt, we never gave the Akita the opportunity to snap at her again. The dogs and cats were always kept away from her from that day on. On the other hand, we have a Rottweiler that is very good with our cats and baby kittens.

It would depend somewhat upon the breed and the way it is raised, etc....but all dogs can bite. It is unfair to say that any one certain breed will generally "always" kill cats but it is fair to say that there are certain breeds that tend to be predisposed towards aggressive behavior.

Sincerely, Sue Harrison

29. You Offended Me – From Ann

Seriously, a few degrees does not make one an expert in how different animals are with other animals. That is the stupidest thing I have read on here, other than the article by this idiot. WE have several pits and cats. It is how they are raised and what they are used to. Good Lord, I have daschunds and Lhasa Apso' s that are far more dangerous with my cats, than the so called dangerous pit bull breed.

This article totally pissed me off and offended me! Now I know why people want to ban pit bulls because of the articles and horrible things written about them, that make them all seem like such bad dogs. Way to go guys! It just fans the flames and gives these poor dogs more bullshit to contend with.

Ann Ursiny

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Owners Comments About Dog Breeds Bad with Cats

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