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Pet Horoscope for Libra - September 24 to October 23

By: Cal Orey

Read By: Pet Lovers
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LIBRA (SEPT. 24 – OCT. 23)

SYMBOL: The Scales

Welcome to one of your best months of the years for the Libra canine-a balanced, easygoing and people-friendly air sign because you're both headed toward bliss outdoors and there's a heady side of its temperament that's going to be nourished indoors.

Relationships: This is the month for your dog to be a social magnet. Psst! Libran dog guardians, your pet is going to be in the limelight! This pooch's harmony-loving vibe may stay on even keel because of the extra attention it gets thanks to the Full Moon before, during or after August 10. A special dog person (from the past or present) may enter your life and that means you dog will be part of the action. Or not. Make sure your Libra tyke isn't ignored.

Well-Being: This is the month to make sure you give pampering and love to the Libran canine. Due to a combination of planets, this month may be busier than most for the sensitive, mellow dog-so remember to give your dog constant R&R. While the great outdoors is an escape for the Libra dog, indoor stimulation will also keep your pet balanced mind, body and spirit.

Highlights: Libran canines can expect some new beginnings this month that will carry over into next month. Being a little more self-reliant due to its family's hectic schedule could be a good or bad thing. It all depends on how you handle it. If you give your canine toys combined with a comfy atmosphere when you're AWOL, everything should be perfect as a fussy Lib dog likes it.

Dog-loving celebrity quote: "The writer in America is not part of the culture of this country. He is like a fine dog. People like him but he's of no use." –William Faulkner (American writer), September 25

About the Author

Cal Orey, M.A., is a popular internationally known author-intuitive who writes about health, nutrition, science, and pets. She is the writer of the successful Healing Powers Series-Vinegar, Olive Oil, Chocolate, Honey, and Coffee--published by Kensington. Also, she dishes forecasts for people around the globe, pens a monthly Earth Changes column, and is a guest on national radio shows. Orey shares her home with a Brittany, Australian Shepherd, and Siamese-mix. She lives in northern California. Her website is

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Pet Horoscope for Libra - September 24 to October 23

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