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Pet Horoscope for Virgo - August 24 to September 23

By: Cal Orey

Read By: Pet Lovers
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VIRGO (AUG. 24 – SEPT. 23)

SYMBOL: The Virgin

Virgo, known as The Virgin, is an Earth sign-shy, aloof and finicky-which may nudge your perfectionistic canine to face imperfection as it copes with summer changes, whether it's experiencing new people or places, thunderstorms or heat.

Relationships: This month, Virgo pups will have more energy than normal thanks to planets. No reason to be shocked, in fact, your pooch may be more social. That means, more interaction with pets and people. Take advantage of hot August days and nights and take the dog with you on weekend getaways, daily walks, and dog parks. Be on top of the new, improved Virgo pooch, though, since your four-legger may be acting out of its comfort zone.

Well-Being: Health and behavioral issues shouldn't be a big issue this month. However, since Virgo canines can be reserved with nervous energy pay attention to summer woes, including fleas and ticks. Keep up on grooming (nails and teeth), especially during the New Moon on the 25th. Also, if you are pondering kenneling your dog because of a no dogs allowed trip, pick the perfect place for your persnickety pet.

Highlights: Brace yourself dog people. This month Virgo canines may be a candidate for some sort of makeover before fall. Perhaps, a new lead and collar or trip to the dog groomer is in the cards as a pre-birthday gift. Anything that is new may give your best friend a boost in spirit and image.

Dog-loving celebrity quote: "Do not make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans or they will treat you like dogs." Martha Scott (actor), September 22

About the Author

Cal Orey, M.A., is a popular internationally known author-intuitive who writes about health, nutrition, science, and pets. She is the writer of the successful Healing Powers Series-Vinegar, Olive Oil, Chocolate, Honey, and Coffee--published by Kensington. Also, she dishes forecasts for people around the globe, pens a monthly Earth Changes column, and is a guest on national radio shows. Orey shares her home with a Brittany, Australian Shepherd, and Siamese-mix. She lives in northern California. Her website is

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Pet Horoscope for Virgo - August 24 to September 23

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