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Pet Horoscope for Virgo - August 24 to September 23

By: Kerouac & the Brittanys

Read By: Pet Lovers
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VIRGO (AUG. 24 – SEPT. 23)

SYMBOL: The Virgin

It's the year for Virgo pets to boost self-worth. It's time you tune into your environment and discover where you fit in because you do oh reserved one. Yes, you can make a difference on this planet, whether it is changing one person or pet or many for a greater cause. Whatever you do-it will be noticed and you'll have fun seeing your good deed making a difference animal style.


Winter: It may be cold outside but for you it's time to warm up to life. If you're a dog or cat that means lose the attitude and get a move on whether it is indoors or outdoors. You can enjoy yourself and others anywhere this season.

Spring: Spring fever for Virgo pets? You bet. You might hook up with a new neighbor's pet or your caretaker may bring an old animal buddy home just for you and rejoice in the reunion. It's your time to get close and forget the reclusive you. A warm and fuzzy fur fix is in the stars.

Summer: Okay, so the new you is getting noticed and this may up tension a tad in the household. Don't sweat the small stuff. Just turn down the charm a few notches and let the humans get used to the new you.

Fall: This New Year certainly has made big changes in the old you. And there is no reason to change back to the ways of yesteryear. Go ahead-enjoy holiday cheer with pets and people. You have emerged to a well-rounded pet that brings a smile to everyone, including you, my friend.


Rodents like in the classic novel Flowers for Algernon can be a clever and lovable creature that tries to persevere and can adapt while finding its way in a maze to find food.They are uninhibited by nature, flaunt confidence as they go around and around on a wheel or escape from a big cat. Despite their small size, these loyal creatures can win hearts of humans big-time.


Virgo Lauren Bacall- born on September 16, 1924, the legendary actress and Humphrey Bogart once shared a Pit Bull Terrier in the 20th century. Other Celeb Pet Lovers: Cleveland Amory, Michael Jackson

About the Author

Kerouac is a wise and witty eight-year-old black cat. The Two Brittanys, Simon, four, and Seth, one, are part of the praised "seismically sensitive" pet team who live with author-earthquake sensitive Cal Orey. Orey is an internationally known author and journalist. She has written several books including The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, The Healing Powers of Vinegar, Revised and Updated (both purchased by One Spirit Book Club), The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes, and The Sky is Falling! A Global Warming Survival Guide (co-written from two intelligent whales perspective). Orey and her creative pet trio reside in Northern California. Check out Orey's nature-oriented website at and

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Pet Horoscope for Virgo - August 24 to September 23

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