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A long-time friend with 3 dogs wants to come visit and says that they are bringing the dogs. You really don't want their dogs – you have two of your own and one doesn't get along with all dogs. What do you do?

  • Tell them they are welcome but not to bring the dogs - 40.5%
  • Deal with the dogs - after all they have been a long time friend -3.6%
  • Allow them to bring the dogs but organize a system to keep the dogs separate - 48.9%
  • Offer to pay for local boarding once they are in town - 11.3%

    A woman and her husband just split up – the dogs have always been together and really seem to love each other but each really wants to keep one. What is best?

  • Keep the dogs together - woman should get the dogs - 32.1%
  • Keep the dogs together - man should get the dogs - 7.5%
  • Split the dogs up - they will be okay - 60.4%

    My dog doesn't really seem to warm up to my boyfriend – this a bad sign of his character?

  • Yes, it is a bad sign of his character - 30.7%
  • No, it is not a bad sign of his character - 34.6%
  • Not sure - 35.6%

    My neighbor's dogs always greets me by smelling my crotch. It is embarrassing. I'm constantly pushing the dog away. What should I do? Should I say something?

  • Yes, say something that if they can't control their dog - you won't talk to them - 28.9%
  • No, don't say anything - 45.1%
  • Avoid them and thus the dog - 26.0%

    QUESTON 5.
    Whenever I go to my friends house (she has 7 cats) – I leave with cat hair all over me – what should I do?

  • Visit and deal with the hair - 71.2%
  • Say something about the hair - 11.9%
  • Buy her supplies to pick/up the hair - 11.6%
  • Offer to help her clean her home - 4.9%
  • Stop visiting her - 8.3%

    My neighbor has (I'm not actually sure) but at least 12 dogs. They are dirty – some are tied to trees – they don't seem to get much attention. Is there anything I can do?

  • Don't say anything - 1.3%
  • Report her to the local animal control authorities - 98.7%

    I have an 8-year-old cat that lost his cat companion about 2 months ago. The cat had been with him since day one (died when he was 14 years old). Should I get another cat?

  • Yes, get another cat - 85.5%
  • No, don't get another cat - 14.9%

    I love cats and my fiancé loves dogs. I have 3 cats and he has 2 dogs. His dogs seem to hate cats and my cats hate (are afraid of) dogs. I love him but don't know what to do.

  • Leave him and find a cat lover - 14.0%
  • Get rid of your cats - 0.2%
  • Ask him to get rid of his dogs - 0.5%
  • Live together and figure how if it will work - allow the cats to live upstairs and the dogs down to start - 86.5%

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