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By: Jen J.

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Nocturnal Dog

Well, I've gone back to work so I can no longer have Finnegan tethered to me during the day. This has resulted in him waking me up at night again! He still refuses to go on walks but will tear around my fenced in yard occasionally. Even with his crazy running spells around the yard I don't think that he is getting enough exercise. When he wakes me up at night I've started to just get up and go to another room that he doesn't have access to. This has helped me sleep but I'd really like him to also sleep at night. I'm pretty sure that he is sleeping all day long, though.

I'm seriously considering getting him a companion. I've talked to several people that have dogs like Finn and they seem to think that their dogs got better when they got a second dog. So, I will be looking for a young female Wheaten Terrier. I guess it's important to have opposite sex Wheatens in the same house. My hope is that if he has a sister she will be able to show him the ropes... like how fun a walk can be!

Play Date

Finnegan still won't go on walks so I've been seeking out other forms of exercise for him. A friend of mine has a younger female Wheaten puppy so we got our dogs together for a playdate. Because Finnegan is so timid and my friend doesn't have a fenced in yard, we had the dogs play over here. I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew that Finnegan would be very scared at first and indeed he was!

When they got here Lindy (the puppy) bounded through my front door like she owned my house. She sniffed every inch and began drinking out of Finnegan's water bowl. It didn't take her long to find his basket of toys and begin to play with them. This whole time Finnegan was hiding in a corner with a look of terrified amazement on his face. He had no idea what was going on and why this bundle of energy was taking over his house!

When given the chance Lindy bounded out the backdoor to explore but Finnegan had to be carried out. Lindy started to leap over Finn- back and forth as if he was a stationary hurdle- he just bowed his head and looked scared. But, once the humans went inside Finn started to open up and took his turn at the hurdles. They started to chase each other and have a great time. It was so much fun to see Finn play with another dog.

I'm seriously considering getting a female puppy for him. I think a little sister might help him to open up and maybe even teach him that going on a walk is fun!!!

A Sister for Finnegan

I got a call last week from the family that fostered Finnegan and they had just rescued a 4 month old Wheaten puppy and wanted to know if I was still considering adopting another one. As soon as I saw the pictures of her I decided I had to say yes. She is living in Iowa right now and I guess that her breeder was thinking about keeping her to breed but she is a little small for her age so they gave her up. I've been getting daily updates and she sounds like a bundle of energy. She loves people and other dogs and just loves to play! Finnegan loves other dogs, too so I'm hoping that the two will get along and have fun together.

So, next weekend I will drive 6 hours to Illinois to meet my new puppy, Mia and her foster family. When I tell Finn that he's getting a little sister named Mia he looks at me and wags his tail. I think he's as excited as I am!

Finn Gets a Sister

Well, after 14 hours in the car yesterday we now have a little sister living in our house for Finnegan. We drove to Peoria, Illinois to meet a rescue volunteer to pick up Mia and 3 8 week old Wheaten puppies and drove them back to Columbus. Mia was so good the entire ride. The puppies were good for the first three hours and then took turns having accidents in their crate. Needless to say we made many pitstops and had to clean up the crate several times but we made it and the puppies were all picked up last night by their new owners and taken to their new homes in Michigan and Cleveland. It was so fun to see the new owners with their tiny little puppies. Everyone was so excited.

Once the excitement died down and all of the "extra" people left, Finnegan was introduced to Mia. Being the ever cautious dog that he is he pretty much just sat there and took it all in while Mia pranced around him and tried to get him to play. Eventually he got up and sniffed her. They exchanged face licks and then Finn went back to his comfortable spot in the corner and continued to observe the antics of his active 4 month old sister.

At night she slept in her crate while Finn slept next to her on his dog bed. They exchanged nose to nose good night kisses through Mia's crate door and then slept for 7 hours straight without a peep! At 7 a.m. Finn put his two front paws up on the bed to let me know it was time to get up. But, when I went to take him out he didn't want to go out without Mia. It took some coaxing but I finally got him to go out and eat and then I let Mia have her turn. We're still trying to figure this all out and I'm sure that we'll get a routine down in no time.

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