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Petplace Owners Speak out on Pet Marriage!

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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140.        it's in the category of rich, stupid, and show-off
141.        Please . . .
142.        dogs have no concept of a "wedding". Let them live in sin.
143.        This is really toooo anthropromorphic........they are not humans
144.        Ridiculous
145.        When you can put a male/female in a pen with 10 or 20 other dogs of the opposite sex and have him/her only go for the same partner consistently, then they are committed enough for marriage
146.        nonsense
147.        Stupid people doing stupid things to dogs who deserve better
148.        Marriage should be a conscious & committed decision & animals can't make those kind of decision !
149.        Stupid
150.        I guess it is a fun thing to do - my puppy had a birthday party for her 1st and we invited one dog friend!
151.        kind of silly
152.        I love dogs completely and utterly-but to marry them is so incredibly stupid!!!!!!!
153.        Again we are trying humanize our pets. Let them be dogs!!
154.        Ridiculous!
155.        why not???
156.        This is stupid & we are going too far
157.        It they love each other, go for it.
158.        I believe in dog "weddings" but not dog divorces.
159.        It is silly, but very harmless, so no big deal. I really think it's just an excuse to have a dog party, which is fine by me!
160.        I think its ridiculous
161.        It's a ridiculous example of people having more money than brains; the money spent on such events could feed a family of four for a month.
162.        I think it's stupid.
163.        it is a waste of money. I hate to say this but dogs are not human. We have 4 dogs and think that people who marry their dogs are replacing dogs with a child they wishes they had. Dog birthday parties fine but not a wedding.
164.        They are wonderful, beloved family members but they are not humans. Dog weddings and "Bark Mitzvahs" are ridiculous! If you want to have a celebration, give them birthday parties.
165.        what is the point of it, they will both still live in different households
166.        People do it for themselves. The dogs don't have a clue.
167.        I think it is really ridiculous only on the simple note is that people do stupid thing to their pets because they are not able to achieve that type of gratification they wanted in their lives our animals are pets and pets they should be. They have no clue about what a marriage is. That is a waste of time and money.
168.        no
169.        stupid is as stupid does.
170.        ridiculous
171.        Seems a little silly. I tend to think of my dogs as being brother & sister, not husband and wife.
172.        Dogs are not humans. We do them a great disservice by forcing our human emotions on them. I am so sick of seeing dogs betrayed as babies in my pet catalogs. A dog STROLLER??? WHAT? How about taking the dog for a WALK? Activity centers for crates? It is not a crib!? Your dog left unattended with it's activity center could cause a fatal obstruction after they ingested it! Doggie clothes? Doggie shoes? Not unless they are mushing! I am a true dog lover, we have 6! They are welcome on our furniture, most sneek in the bed at night :-) but we have never lost the respect for them as DOGS... they are not humans. We love our dogs and they are a part of our family, but no marriages, no clothing, no activity centers! They love our time and affection and their Nylabones and squeeky toys.
173.        waste of time and money, how many wives would a male dog have?
174.        I do believe dogs can get married cause in my years with many dogs, I've seen some fall in love with one of them and stayed together through out their years. When one dies their mate isn't far behind with a broken heart.
175.        love my dog, but this is going overboard!
176.        If one is contemplating having a pet married do the following. Run don't walk to a therapist and find out why you don't have a life.
177.        ridiculous
178.        its weird
179.        Ridiculous waste of resources. The money should be donated to an animal shelter!
180.        very silly
181.        if you want to spend that kind of money on animals, donate your money and time to the animal welfare and local shelters, this is ridiculous
182.        I don't know why dogs should not be married, but I certainly don't think it is the norm. I do think it is an extension of our wishes to connect with a soul mate and share and have happiness with another. My male Cairn Terrier Ozzie and my best friend's Cairn Terrier Trapper (female) were married although we never had the actual ceremony we wanted to have. We had thought about clothes, bridesmaids, and all sorts of fun things. We planed to take pictures and also do this on the internet for our large Cairn Terrier group of friends. I've told my 15-year old Cairn Terrier Dumpling that I would marry her anytime. It doesn't matter that we are both girls. We are much closer than my husband and I are. :- ) This is all a matter of personal taste.
183.        I think dog marriage is really silly - just have a party
184.        very stupid, just people being "feel good" people
185.        stupid as dressing them up in clothes is.
186.        they are pets not humans, we may in fact love them as our own, but they are not!
187.        I think it is more about what we want, and less about what they need
188.        the only wedding would be if a couple were getting married and they both had dogs then that would be cute but other then that i don't think so
189.        These wonderful creatures are animals, not human beings.
190.        cute if it really is just a fun party
191.        Waste of time
192.        They are dogs, let them be dogs. Stop trying to make them human.
193.        It continues the trend of humans thinking there pets are people
194.        kind of cute, but totally stupid!
195.        they are to love and enjoy. We don't need to try to put problems on them plus they have no concept of marriage
196.        Dogs are not monogamous left to their own devises. I would not waste my hard earned money on it but if you have nothing better to spend your money on....
197.        It's just a silly way for rich people to spend more money.
198.        "stupid:'
199.        Are you seriously asking??? This topic is absurd! But when my kids were little they had a "wedding" for our dogs. that was cute!

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Petplace Owners Speak out on Pet Marriage!

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