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Petplace Owners Speak out on Pet Marriage!

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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200.        Kind of wacky and high handed
201.        I think this is just another way that humans go off the deep end. I have six dogs, 3male, 3 female, all are from rescues, different breeds and they do look after each other like siblings but to marry them is crazy!
202.        have we lost our minds?
203.        its silly
204.        Yes, I think those people have to much time on their hands and they need to put it to a more creative use.
205.        stupid, stupid, stupid
206.        I think pet marriage gives religious zealots ammo to fight against unions between same sex partners. This is stupid and needs to be stopped. Dogs do not love each other like humans love each other, we all know that.
207.        They're stupid
208.        A lot of people do a lot of things. Or, I got a sweater for Christmas but I had to take it back.
209.        To each their own, I would rather just have all my friends bring their dogs over and have a party for the dogs.
210.        I think this whole bit about "Doggie Marriage' is just an extension of our love/fantasy for our dogs. It's a reason to dress up our little critters and have a gathering of other dog lovers. No harm to it!
211.        It sort of makes a mockery of marriage...obviously people should take marriage more seriously than they do these days! I'm tired of all the divorce as well.
212.        it's cute, but don't mean much.
213.        while I do believe that dogs are capable of a connection of some sort, (i.e., you have two dogs, one dies and the other grieves. . . ) that isn't the same as the commitment expected in a marriage.
214.        It's kinda hard to be married when you don't even realize it!
215.        For people who don't know what to do with their money.
216.        I think for fun it's okay but do they really know the meaning of the institution called marriage?
217.        DUH...waste of time and money...stupid...get a life
218.        waste of money
219.        Cute, but what is the point?
220.        pointless
221.        It's stupid! People who want to have a party for themselves should do a people party and if they want a dog party, there are a lot more options that are FUN for the DOGS!
222.        silly, but cute ;o)
223.        What crack pipe have you been smoking from?

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Petplace Owners Speak out on Pet Marriage!

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