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Petplace Pet Owners Speak Out on Dog Fighting!

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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16.        He's rude dogs have feelings to!!!!

17.        Anyone caught doing any kind of cruelty to animals should get what he deserves. These people need to get a new hobby!!!! They should be punished to the full extent of the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18.        Would love to see him in a cage with a vicious dog.

19.        A celebrity that has done something illegal should get the maximum penalty. As public figures, they set examples for the general public- not just children.

20.        Anyone who participates in any way in mutilating dogs for "fun" should be thrown in jail. On second thought why don't we let their "well trained" animals tear them to pieces? Now that would be fun.

21.        My gut feeling is to have the guilty attacked by their own dogs. Of course that is not a good idea, but I do believe that there is no punishment strong enough to satisfy me. This is a disgusting, pathetic, sad, mean, upsetting action taken by these people, and I truly feel terrible for all dogs involved.

22.        I believe dog fighting is disgusting and Michael Vick is getting his just reward. He should get the maximum penalty!!!!

23.        I think because he is a celebrity as usual he will be able to buy his way out of punishment. But I hope he gets the maximum penalty to make him an example. What he did to mans best friend is despicable.

24.        Dogs are completely dependent on people for compassion and care. They have no self determination at all, so the idea that the coverage of the abuse of these animals is "getting too much attention" is horrifying to say the least.

25.        I hate that people make these beautiful dogs fight. These are the people that give pits a bad name.

26.        Dog fighting is a grossly inhumane activity. Nobody has the right to subject other living beings to such cruelty, especially for such a trivial 'reason' as entertainment. I think it likely that people who engage in such activities are mentally or emotionally disturbed. In fact, evidence shows that this type of animal abuse is often a precursor to abuse directed toward human subjects.

27.        I think because there is so much money involved dog fighting issues aren't looked into as much as they should be. I would like to see this get a LOT MORE attention. Sadly, it takes a high profile person's involvement for it to make the headlines once again.....

28.        I think they should ban the deed but not necessarily the breed. I know a lot of pitbull owners and own pitbulls myself and education is the key. Don't buy a dog of any breed until you have done your homework ( temperament, aggression etc.) to persecute a whole breed/s for their owners actions would be immoral and wrong.

29.        If Michael Vick had anything to do with dogfighting in anyway I believe he should be punished. Anyone who is involved with any kind of cruel, mean and vicious acts towards any animal should be punished. As for the press attention that Michael Vick is getting I don't think it is enough. The press should be making sure that everyone knows and understands what this man has done. Maybe if everyone knew that the they would be broadcasted all over the world and not just for a few days but for months other people might think twice about doing anything mean and cruel to animals. This is just my personal view on this matter.

30.        It is incomprehensible! The sheer savagery of this leads me to believe the people involved with this activity are severely disturbed, and are a Danger to Society. Lock them Up. Unfortunately, they will be released far too soon. This activity has unfairly cast a shadow of doubt on these Dog Breeds, leaving people to question whether or not they are safe to have around. We all know these are behaviors which were forced on these dogs in a very sadistic manner. I pray for all the dogs that are still being forced into this and hope we as a society can come to their rescue. Michael Vick is just the beginning.
36.        There's a difference between idiots staging a fight between dogs on a sporadic basis and people who ought to know better making a profitable business out of cruelty -- institutionalizing cruelty. That's why Vick and his associates should receive a harsh penalty.

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Petplace Pet Owners Speak Out on Dog Fighting!

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