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Pets That Scare People – Real Stories

By: Petplace Readers

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dvanilla wrote:

"My cat has done weird things when she felt someone that I didn't know was in my yard. She jumps on the end table, jumps down groaning and it scared me to death. I looked out the window and it was the light man.

Same thing recently happened in the middle of the night and I find out someone in a pick up truck was fighting and yelling as they passed by my house 2:34 AM. I knew something wasn't right about this. My cat ran, jumped on the coffee table, growled and jumped down.

I'm beginning to pay close attention to her behavior as a sign when she doesn't feel comfortable, something isn't right."

BHL wrote:

"I have cats. One liked to work out her grievances by hiding in dark rooms and then stalking the humans, jumping out, grabbing your ankle with her paws and nipping your leg. She never broke the skin, but it would scare the heck out of you when a creature came and attacked out of the dark!

I have five cats now. They've really scared me twice. Once when they were all sitting around a corner of the basement in a little semi-circle staring at the wall. Turns out, the neighbors had mice. Also turns out, they never came into my house.

The second is when one of them had stolen a pen and was playing with it in the entry way. He was rubbing it against the front door in such a way that it sounded like someone was trying to pick the lock. Took 10 minutes of creeping around with a knife in one hand and the phone in the other to figure out it was just my nutbar tabby cat and NOT a burglar."

Millie wrote:

"I used to share my home with a huge (18 pound) feline. Although he was quite large, he was very agile. He was always prone to the Night Crazies. He used to jump from the night stand to the top of a chifforobe that was next to my bed. He would sort of lounge up there for a while sort of lulling you into a false sense of security. Then when you least expected it, he would jump onto the bed. Oftentimes, I was asleep or dozing--it was like a furry bowling ball hitting your bed. I had him until he was 16 years old--gosh, I still miss that cat."

dragonet2 wrote:

"This was the first fall I was in my house. I live in the middle of Kansas City, in an area that a lot of outer suburbanites consider a 'bad part of town'.

The rest of my family was going to be out of town for the weekend. The folks that I work for at the Renaissance Festival come in from Colorado for the fair, so I asked them to spend the weekend with me because I was new to the house and a little skittish.

Well, J and I had stayed up way too late talking, and we finally went upstairs and turned in to our various bedrooms. Just after lights went out we heard an enormous "CRASH-SLAM-THUMP" from downstairs. J and I were both back on our feet and out the door. Fortunately we sleep clothed. J, who has an ENORMOUSLY LOUD voice bellowed, 'Get out of our house!' As he did, a little wisp of calico fur bolted up the stairs between his legs and then on up to the third floor.

As far as we could tell, Badb Catha ran downstairs, jumped into a chair that slid on the hardwood floor and crashed/dropped the halogen lamp. We hadn't realized we needed those little rubber things under the chair legs to make them stay in place. Badb didn't come back out again until we all were gone for the next day, I'm sure.

Poor little mite. She passed away about four weeks ago, unexpectedly and as if she'd been felled by something in mid-stride. She was only 10, a year of 2000 cat. And she was currently our only cuddle-bunny and I miss her dearly."

Jean wrote:

"I live in the boonies, and it's not uncommon for mice and other small animals to try to make their way into the house in the fall. One night I went into my utility room to empty the dryer. I didn't turn on the light, as there was enough coming in the back door from the setting sun for me to see, but this left a lot of the room in shadow. I heard a "scratch-scratch-scratch" noise, and suspected that there was some creature hiding in the room making a nest. Out loud I said, 'I wonder what THAT is?' At that moment, my cat Brando popped out of a cardboard box in which I was storing flower bulbs, meowing loudly in answer to my question. It scared the bejabbers out of me."

Dave wrote:

"I awoke one night believing I was having a heart attack. From my dream/waking state I knew that my left arm felt heavy and numb and I had a tingling sensation in my fingertips. I felt heavy pressure in my chest as well, making it hard to breathe. When I was fully awake, I realized one of our cats was sleeping most comfortably on my outstretched left arm, cutting off my circulation. Our other cat was happily sleeping on my chest. After I calmed down, everyone got re-positioned and went back to sleep."

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Pets That Scare People – Real Stories

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