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Pets That Scare People – Real Stories

By: Petplace Readers

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Jan wrote:

"We rescued a little black cat that had been declawed. One night about 3:00 am, I heard a fast thump, thump, thump in the dining room. Since my husband is hard of hearing, I got up to check it out, scared to death of what I would find. I was relieved to find that the little cat was batting at the flap of an empty cardboard box that had been left turned out instead of turned in. It made a great toy, but she could have found a better time to play with it."

Lisa wrote:

"I worked 2nd shift and came home to find out I had to run to the store. Everyone was fast asleep so I hopped into my car and half way there I felt something slowly creep upon my neck. I looked into my rear veiw mirror to see nothing. At this point my heart was throbbing not knowing what was behind me and no one in my household knew I was gone. I did not know what to do, thinking that my family will not discover I was gone till the next morning. Just then I heard a dang cat had crawled into the car. Now I always check my back seat!"

Meyati wrote:

"The Pit Bull slept through a robbery - big screen TV, Christmas presents, power tools, electronics, etc. were taken. They sat on the couch and opened the presents!! The cat kept trying to wake us up, but we thought that he wanted food. The police caught the robbers and one had seriously injured other homeowners, so we were glad that we slept-stayed in bed, while they took things. If that doesn't scare you-nothing will."

Irene wrote:

"Working in my kitchen recently I heard this gentle banging noise coming from the living room. Thinking it was something on the TV, I carried on, but so did this banging sound. Creeping into the other room, ears and eyes alert, I realized that one of my cats, 5-year-old Rusty, had jumped into an large empty cardboard box with one of her fave semi-soft balls and was busily knocking it from one end to the other. Mystery solved!"

Jesse wrote:

"We have 4 cats -- Cosmo - a seal point Siamese, Missy - a Torty, Jenny - a small black DSH, and Buddy - a long, tall black Bombay.

One day my daughter Stephanie brought some clothes to wash in a square collapsible screen laundry basket. She left it open on the family room floor and the cats were playing in it. Buddy found that he could collapse it and then root under it and walk down the hall with it over him like a V-shaped tent. He left it standing in the V-shape when he crawled out.

Jenny then went under it and being real small, couldn't pick it up on her back like Buddy did. At some point she went out the front and hooked her neck and shoulders on one of the handles. This spooked her and she ran - with the laundry basket flopping behind her. She ran across the entry way, into the dining room, up against the windows and then back down the hall into the 4th bedroom with the laundry basket flopping close behind.

When she came back down the hallway, she had the other three cats chasing her trying to catch "the Thing that had Jenny". Buddy is very quiet and only meows when my wife opens a can of tuna. But by now he was chasing her and literally howling like a Banshee.

As Jenny made the 2nd pass through the dining room, I grabbed up Buddy and handed him (still howling) to my wife and chased the other 2 cats and Jenny with the laundry basket back into the Master Bath. As she came out with the laundry basket, I stepped on the end, which stopped her and allowed her to back out panting real heavily. My wife and I fell down on the floor laughing as Missy and Cosmo tackled "the Thing".

Needless to say, we now pay close attention to removing anything that has handles on it that might entangle a cat."

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Pets That Scare People – Real Stories

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