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Pets That Scare People – Real Stories

By: Petplace Readers

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Robin wrote:

"We had a canny old yellow female cat who was mine and my sister's pet as children. She was both an inside and outside cat on our farm. She blessed the farm with many litters of kittens who became mousers in my father's barn.

Lucky was very intelligent and bright. She had discovered, that when put in the basement, she could find an opening in the cold air return vent duct work to the furnace, appear in the register in the living room, and meow to be let out.

My elderly grandmother was unaware of this fact. Due to her advancing years, she always elected to sleep on the couch in the living room rather than go upstairs to sleep in a bed where the bedrooms were located, when she visited us. One memorable night, we all awoke to my grandmother running up the stairway, calling my dad's name, and insisting a burglar was trying to break into the house. She was sure she had heard someone trying the front door.

My father, the WWII vet and afraid of nothing, grabbed the shotgun he kept upstairs and headed down to investigate. Meanwhile my grandmother climbed into bed with me and got on the other side of me closest to the wall, nervously peering into the hallway, where my father had disappeared down the stairway. A few minutes later, we heard Dad coming back up the stairway, chuckling to himself.

My grandmother, said, 'Well, what did you find?' Dad's comeback was, 'We have a cat burglar we forgot to tell you about!' It seemed Lucky had been unable to get Grandma's attention by meowing, and was pushing the register up and down and rattling it, making her think someone was breaking in.

Poor Grandma didn't live that down for quite a while. Dad would tease her and say, 'When are you coming back to visit, Mom? Lucky has her own key now, so she shouldn't bother you trying to get in!'

Gina wrote:

"I have a jet black 2-year-old cat whom I named ReyaSunshine (as in ray of sunshine), and sometimes she's ReyaFrigginSunshine. She sleeps with me. One night she slept across my neck, her head and rump on either side of my neck on my pillow. All at once, I woke up, terrified that something had 'got' me, not knowing it was just Reya, who had been fast asleep also and my movement and scream scared the daylights out of her, which scared me worse and almost sent me into heart failure. The next day, in the daylight, I saw just how badly her 4 sets of claws mutilated the pillow."

Charles wrote:

"My cat has not scared me by making noises or sneaking around. Mine has done so by skillfully hiding. I live in an area that cat owners are best served by keeping their cats indoors because of vehicular traffic. Many of the neighborhood cats have been hit-or just plain disappeared and I have tried very hard to make sure Xanthos is not one of those. In spite of my best efforts though, he has managed to get out once in a while. Since Xanthos has no front claws, he is additionally in jeopardy if he gets out. Once he is out, it is very difficult to get him back in. There are times he has hidden in a closet or underneath something and does not respond to my calls, and I will fret that he has gotten out, only to discover that he has hidden himself quite well. That is scary enough for me in terms of cat frights!"

Laurie wrote:

"My 'scare' happens frequently and yet it still gets me every time. My cat Tigger likes to jump on me...from the floor on the back, side of my chair. Let me tell you, when 14 pounds of cat lands on your chest when you're involved in a good sit up and take notice!!!"

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Pets That Scare People – Real Stories

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