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Pets That Scare People – Real Stories

By: Petplace Readers

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Nicole wrote:

"I have two Chihuahua's. They are such great alarm dogs. One night at 3:15 AM they both awoke from their beds (their beds are in my bedroom) and started manically barking to be let out of the bedroom. I knew something was wrong for them to go so mad, like two tiny but ravenous furry devils.

I grabbed my phone and a weapon I keep near my bed and let them out. They both ran downstairs barking to go out of the front door. I was switching on every light switch as I went. This scared away two people who were outside breaking into our car. The police told us about five minutes later when they knocked to tell us they had witnessed the attempted theft which was part of a string of similar offenses.

I always trust my dogs' instincts. Another time I was walking in the woods and the Chihuahuas wouldn't follow me from a thin path through the woods which leads into a field. I was calling and calling but they stood firm looking back down the path. I walked back and took a long look down this thin country path we had followed for a good five minutes. There was a guy hiding in the trees about 15 feet away who had followed us. I ran into the field with the dogs pulling out my phone and called the police. The guy followed us for another 2-3 minutes until he heard the police sirens then ran off. Police say he is was 'flasher' who has committed a string of offenses in another nearby area. He was obviously waiting for me to get deeper across the field, more remote, away from the woods were more people walk. Chihuahuas are amazing little alarm dogs!"

Ernie wrote:

"I was away from home for three weeks attending a training class. In the middle of the class, I was able to go home for a weekend. I woke up hungry during the night, and went downstairs to raid the refrigerator. One of our Great Pyrenees (125 lbs) was sleeping under the kitchen table, and I didn't want to disturb her by turning on the light, so I just went directly to the refrigerator and started browsing. Big mistake. Next thing I heard was a tremendous growl. I turned to look at the dog, and I swear her jaws were open about the size of an alligator's. She was trying so hard to get to me that her paws were spinning on the floor tile. Fortunately she calmed down as soon as she heard my [somewhat panicked] voice. Needless to say, I never surprised her that way again!"

Debbie wrote:

"In the middle of the night, my husband and I were sound asleep. We awoke to the most unearthly loud scream. After falling back down from the ceiling of our bedroom, I thought, 'There is a devil and he's coming to get us!' We bravely investigated and found our little male cat by the patio sliding glass door. Another cat was outside. Our little cat had made that ungodly noise. I was terrified by that sound and I don't even believe in the devil!"

Kim wrote:

"I was 20 years old and lived alone in an apartment with my cat. At 2:00 a.m. the commode flushed. I literally fell out of the bed and hid in the corner. I thought, 'Oh my gosh somebody is in the apartment with me.' I am hiding in a corner and it flushed again. I thought --surely a robber wouldn't keep using a bathroom. I crept over to the bathroom door and you could just see the cat looking in the toilet - and then would flush - he loved to watch the water go round and round. I will never forget that!!! When I married and bought a home - we had 2 bathrooms and he would run from one to another and flush until finally he got tired of doing it!!!"

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Pets That Scare People – Real Stories

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