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Pets That Scare People – Real Stories

By: Petplace Readers

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Dave H. wrote:

"My wife's cat likes to hide around corners and jump out at you as you are trying to carry a drinking glass filled to the brim with your favorite beverage. It often results in a startling that sloshes the drink on the floor and gets you some pretty dirty looks from the cat, as if he is calling you a clumsy idiot."

Carmenza wrote:

"I have a large dog that looks like a Bouvier type in his original physiological state (ears and tail are not cropped). He appeared at my home and adopted me 5 years ago. He has scared me a few times while I have been in the kitchen because he walks very quietly. One night I was concentrated on cooking when I felt someone was behind me, so I turned my head and my heart just started racing when I saw this huge black shaggy face giving me a peekaboo through the darkness of the kitchen door and with eyes given me a questioned attitude, he looked like a diabolic face. Whatever he is we love him."

Agnes wrote:

"I have a solid black cat. One night I heard a loud noise like doors being hit. I jump up and went down the hall and my solid black cat named Shadow ran down the hall in front of me and I nearly fell over him. When I turned on the light he sits there like what is wrong - I was just having fun."

Maggie's Mom wrote:

"We rescued a beagle puppy twelve years ago from an abusive home. She has been the center of our attention ever since.

When she was five years old, she tried to jump up into our truck and ruptured a disk in her back. We had the option of performing surgery at a cost of $3,000.00; letting her remain paralyzed and getting her wheels to do the work of her rear legs; or putting her down. We couldn't just let her go...she had too much life and love in her.

Our land is on the side of a mountain so wheels wouldn't be a good solution. We had the surgery performed and thankfully, she regained the use of her rear legs. However, we could no longer let her run around in the woods chasing rabbits. (We don't hunt...she just enjoyed the chase on our hikes through our land.)

Since she was confined to our fenced-in yard and the smells of whatever animals passed thru the yard...the joyful baying sounds she used to make during her runs were silenced, or so we thought.

One night when my stepson was visiting, Maggie must have been dreaming of chasing rabbits and started baying in her sleep. Her bed is built in under our basement stairs so the sound carried all the way to the third floor and woke our stepson. He came running down the stairs shouting for his father and announcing that there was a wild animal in the house! It was so comical to see a 30-something, bouncer-sized man completely terrorized by the sound coming out of our 20 lb. dog. He didn't believe that it was the just the dog baying in her sleep. We had to creep down the stairs without waking her up in order to prove that she was indeed making that sound. Needless to say, we still haven't let him live it down!

It was seven years ago this week since her back surgery and she's still enjoying her life as our spoiled baby. I have to agree with Dr. Debra's message about the value of pet insurance. I first heard about it after Maggie's surgery. Fortunately, we were able and willing to afford the surgery. We introduce Maggie as our 'free, $3,000.00 beagle' and she's worth every penny!"

Cynthia wrote:

"One night I came home and all the lights were off. When I opened the door I could see these 2 glowing red dots and heard this menacing growl. It was all I could to not jump back out and slam the door and I knew the dog was in her kennel! With the light on I called her name and let her know I was not an intruder! She calmed down and wagged her tail. We now can leave her out of her kennel at night and I know anyone coming in will be met by teeth! And since they do not know the words we use they will not be recognized. She can be incredibly gentle but if she feels her home is being invaded...well I would not want to be on the receiving end of that bite! She only weighs 38 pounds but that is 38 pounds of determined defense!"

Karen wrote:

"Our experience is quite tame compared to yours. I guess I would really call it startling rather than scary. Our greyhound is usually as quiet as a mouse. I have only heard her bark once. She does appear to have a very active dream life when she's sleeping, however. She must be the greyhound equivalent of Xena, Warrior Princess in her dreams! My son & I were watching TV and nearly jumped out of our skins when Zelda, who was sleeping nearby, suddenly gave a most ferocious and menacing growl. We quickly realized she was just 'talking in her sleep'. She barks all the time in her sleep, which sounds quite comical because her mouth is closed, so it comes out muffled, like an elf or something is barking. She woke me up a few times at night with her sleep barking. She only growls occasionally in her sleep. I've never heard her growl when she's awake!"

Tonda wrote:

"We planted a hydrangea in our back yard. In the middle of the night my dog started barking ferociously at the sliding glass doors. My hubby is an officer and we didn't live in a great neighborhood. He got his gun and we made our way down the steps to where the dog was barking her head off. Hubby has gun raised, ready to shoot if an intruder was in the house. He saw his own reflection in the glass and nearly shot at it. LOL He then let the dog out in our fenced yard and she ran immediately to the hydrangea barking at it. She was inside when we planted it so I guess to her it was something different that shouldn't be there. Boy did she give us a scare that night!"

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Pets That Scare People – Real Stories

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