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Poll Results & Comments: Do you Believe in “Racial Profiling” of Dogs?

By: Petplace Staff

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My Pit is the Sweetest

Felicia wrote, I am very familiar with people judging a dog by its breed or looks. My dog is a pit bull and I've had people cross the street to get away from us, when in reality he is the sweetest little guy you could ever hope to meet. But unfortunately it's an accepted practice, even some municipalities do it with ridiculous laws banning so-called "vicious" breeds.

I just wish they would stick to arresting and punishing the people who make their dogs vicious, rather than blaming an entire breed (or any dog that looks similar to that breed) for the acts of a few humans. Any dog given the proper love and affection can be a "good" dog (human term for a dog that has been taught how to behave well according to human standards) and any dog can be taught to be "vicious" whether by directly training them to be mean, abusing them or neglecting them. It's all in how you raise them.

The Environment Can Mitigate Many Inborn Traits

Donna wrote, I voted "yes" because certain dogs were bred for aggressive traits. Yes, environment can mitigate many inborn traits, but I'm not certain those traits can be eradicated solely by training and love.

This is a Ridiculous Poll

Marie wrote, I'm not sure if I think the very question. "Is Recognizing a Bad Dog Breed "Racial Profiling"?" is offensive, ridiculous or both. I was not much of a dog person until I became involved in animal rescue work. Many of my new friends have pit bulls and they can be best described as "big hunks of love". There is no such thing as a bad dog, it's the people that are bad.

There are sweet pit bulls and nasty pit bulls

Catherine wrote, It's unfortunate that certain breeds of dogs are unjustly negatively profiled, but because we cannot assume the dog was brought up in a loving environment by reasonable human beings, the dogs will always suffer.There are sweet pit bulls and nasty pit bulls. There are sweet border collies and cat-killing border collies.

There are quiet calm Chihuahuas and yippy snappy Chihuahuas.I try not to assume the worst of a dog, heaven knows I've been burned (and bitten) plenty by trusting the wrong dog and the wrong owner.

People Deliberately Training Dogs To Be Vicious

Diane wrote, Most problems with "vicious breeds" come from poor breeding, untrained owners-and therefore untrained dogs-and people deliberately training dogs to be vicious. Backyard breeders try to make the most money out of poorly selected stock resulting in breeding dogs from aggressive lines, poor health characteristics. Until buyers have the sense to do a thorough check of the background of the dogs they buy and their backgrounds, take the time to train the dogs, and learn about the breed before they buy this will be a continuing problem.

You Can't Change The Behaviour Of People With Just A Law

Jooniper wrote, I think that certain breeds are targeted, the dog rather than the person training it because its nearly impossible to prove the owners behaviour poisoned the dogs disposition. Fair? No but until we develop into a society that will report this type of behaviour (instead of just saying its a bad thing) then there is little we can do to the owners.

Subject of "racial" profiling a dog, well, I think we need to remember that dogs are animals, a species, a breed, therefore not possible to racially profile them. I know the term is used loosely in this poll more for the general idea but still, lets try to "profile" dogs by what they are. Is it fair to say all pit bulls are bad? No, thats just foolish but until we can find a way to control the owners that want them to be bad, we aren't left with a lot of choices. Ban the breed? Most I think would understand that the owners who want mean dogs would just move onto a new breed and corrupt it.

As for the laws governing how you can walk your dog, keep your dog etc, do these target the owners that are bad owners, sure but it really effects only the owners who follow the law, you can't change the behaviour of people with just a law. How many of these nasty ass dog owners actually walk their dogs?

I would like to say that I'm sorry for how dog owners are made to feel when someone like myself crosses the street rather than pass by them, my reasons may have nothing to do with it being a pit bull, perhaps all dogs that size scare me. In any case, don't shoulder hurt feelings because my fear of all large dogs forces me to retreat.
What we need is to find a method of enforcing the laws we have, changing them so they can be better understood and educating people.

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Poll Results & Comments: Do you Believe in “Racial Profiling” of Dogs?

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