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Poll Results & Comments: Do you Believe in “Racial Profiling” of Dogs?

By: Petplace Staff

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Some of the Herding Breeds...well

Lucy wrote, I have a sheltie and we regularly hike with a friend and her pit bull. I used to take my vet's pit bull mix hiking and I have another friend with two very nice pit bulls.

The dogs can be absolutely wonderful when handled properly but they are bred for powerful jaws and tenacity so if when an individual does not have a good owner, he can become a very dangerous dogs. Some of the herding breeds are actually more likely to bite but they are not bred to bite and hold, just to nip and herd. That is the problem with the pit bull terrier, he IS bred to finish the job.

I do not think the dogs should be banned; most of my experiences with them have been positive. Too bad we cannot ban the bad owners, who mistreat them and the bad breeders, who actually try to develop vicious characteristics. I HAVE encoutered a few scary pit bulls and each time, the owner was even scarier!

Pit Bulls can be Sensitive

Tara wrote, I have 3 beautiful and VERY sweet and sensitive pit bulls. My friends think it is so funny because I am 5'2" and walking around with what others think are 'terrifying' dogs. I have had many dogs of many different breeds, and my 3 current pets are the most loving and gentle dogs out of all of them! I wouldn't trade them for anything. People completely misunderstand this breed. It is a fact that pit bulls are one of the most loyal and sensitive breeds out there.

Their sensitivity and overwhelming desire to please their master is one of them main reasons they have been traditionally targeted by LOSERS wanting to train them to fight. Because of their sensitivity, they are easily broken down. This is such a shame because that same sensitivity can make them the best pet you could EVER own. Mine go hide and pout if I even raise my voice at them to scold them. These dogs are wonderful and those of us who know this need to stand up for the breed! A true testimony to the fact that PEOPLE are the sole reason for turning these physically strong animals into monsters is the fact that ONLY 2 of all the dogs rescued from Michael Vick had to be put to sleep. All the others were submitted to behavioral tests and observations and placed with loving homes.

Dog have Genes with Certain Tendencies

Karen wrote, All dogs have genes that give them certain tendencies: to fight to love swimming to herd etc. I learned my lesson when a "nice" Akita ripped the ear of my dog. Good owners can ameliorate tendencies, but I still avoid fighting breeds.

Its about the People

Nora wrote, =no it is about the person who owns them. dogs need to be trained right. i had a crazy siberian husky that i got at 2 years old he did some crazy things with our re training and teaching we took him on vacation for a week we all had a great time and he was good as gold.
the only neagative thing is that i know huskies thing little animals are prey so you have to be careful with that i didn't own any cats when i had my huskies. you do need to read everything you can about the breed you wan to get and see if it is a good fit for you and your home.

Some dogs ARE more Aggressive

Andrea wrote, I do feel that some dog breeds are more aggressive than others and that pit bulls fit into that category. That said, I must also add that two of my "grandpuppies" are pit bulls. A third is a pit/golden mix. These are the dearest doggies in the world. Veruca is 14 now and a very gentle old lady. When she was a pup, my son was living in an apartment on the second floor with an outside staircase. One afternoon, I was visiting and my son was at work. Veruca began restlessly pacing and I knew she needed to go out.

I had seen her bound down the stairs at breakneck speed when accompanied by my son. I was therefore reluctant to put myself in harms way by trying to hold onto a leash being tugged by such a strong dog. Finally, the pity I was feeling for Veruca's discomfort won out and I got the leash and we headed for the door. Before turning the knob, I spoke quietly to the dog and asked her to please go slowly on the steps as I wasn't quite as young or agile as her owner. Something in the tone of my voice must have given her a clue as to what I was saying because that sweet dog went two steps and stopped and looked back to see if I was okay. This she did all the way to the bottom of the stairs.

People Should Follow Leash Laws

Kate wrote, I also have a pit bull. And I understand people's fear and I respect that. I keep my dog on a leash (and she is well trained) to honor other people's fears as well as protect my own dog. What I am mostly concerned about is when other people allow their dogs "off leash" in public places where there are leash laws. They state that their dogs are friendly which I suppose they think grants them the right to ignore the law. And in so doing, many times their dogs come right up to my dog...when I say please put your dog on a leash, they become offended because I guess they feel that because they have a dog that is friendly they can do whatever they want and not take some of the responsibility. This only adds to the problem. And again, it's the owners not the dogs...if everyone followed the leash laws then there would be fewer problems...!

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Poll Results & Comments: Do you Believe in “Racial Profiling” of Dogs?

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