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Poll Results: Has Your Pet Ever Hurt You?

By: Petplace Staff

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  • Loretta McNitt wrote, "I have a Morkie pup ( 7 1/2 ) months old. She weighs 10 lbs and as wild as a march hare. For some reason or another she does not like my hands or arms and she constantly bites them leaving scars. I don't know what her problem is with hands, but she certainly has one. I am the only one she will do this to, probably because I am the only one that caters to her and she feels she is the alpha one over me. I am hoping one of these days she'll straighten up."
  • Lisa wrote, "When my lab was 4 or 5 months old I had her favorite ball in my hand playing fetch with her in the house. I was sitting down ready to throw & she jumped at my face & bit my lower lip had to go to the emergency room but all was fine. I had to fill out a dog bite form for the county & everything & I even explained to them it wasn't her fault it was all mine. I had the ball too close to my face."
  • Elisa wrote, "My old, blind fox terrier jumped up to get a treat from me and broke my nose so badly I required surgery. I said to the surgeon, "I'll bet you've never heard of this happening before", and he told me he gets a call about this kind of injury several times a year."        
  • Sylvia wrote, "My two dogs have gotten into a fight a couple of times, always over a raw hide and I take partial fault for it. Anyway, one time, when they got into a scuffle I did the mistake of getting in between them, and got bitten on my hand. However, it did not even break the skin. I am convinced that none of my dogs would ever bite me intentionally."
  • Chris wrote, "My son has a four year old Jack Russell mix that we took in as a stray when he was 4-6 months old. He has a food aggression problem, and is very jealous of anyone showing me attention. He is fed in his "own room" away from our Boxer and Griffon. That solved the food problem, but... The next door neighbor's 3 Pit Bull Terriers are escape artists and frequently come to my bedroom window to bark at our 3 dogs. The first time this happened I looked out the window to see who/what had him upset. At the same time, DiDi (the Boxer) jumped on the bed behind him and he turned and bit me in the face! I am scarred. This was my first of four bites from him! I have a knee replacement and must be medicated for any small injury which could cause an infection... Three bites I can clearly take blame for putting myself in harms way during an undone situation, One bite I must claim is a "psycho" bite as I did nothing to be the bitten victim. I believe he should be put down, but I can't bring myself to take my smartest, most loyal, most affectionate, family "dog-child" to Death Row! I constantly pray he will Not Bite someone who is looking for a law suit! How do you make that finite decision?? ! ?? Two years ago our Giant Malamute/Timberwolf hybrid and the Fat Jack were walking through the woods, on leash, and split a tree when they both saw a squirrel... my face found the tree, and I ended up with a broken nose, LOL! On one walk with BeeGee (the Malamute/Timberwolf) she decided to change direction to chase a cat, I ended up with a torn rotator cuff... OUCH! September of 2007 someone poisoned our "Gentle Giant" as we had a neighbor who was bound and determined to prove that we should not own a "WILD Wolf" In her 12 years of life, she was NEVER anything less than the very best pet we have ever loved! Non-Dog, Ignorant people were only afraid of her size and appearance."
  • Sylvia B wrote, "The year I picked up my beloved Zak (Wolfhound English Sheep Dog X) I had him trained and enjoying an offleash field with another dog. He ran around like crazy, came up behind me (didn't see him) and clipped me in the knee. The end result was a some ligament damage and a full leg cast. Now that I'm training my new puppy I know that when time comes to enjoy the offleash fields to always keep my eye on her so she doesn't surprise me from behind."        
  • Douglas wrote, Surprised that there is no "Scratched me" category. Every once in a while, "my wife or I get scratched in the face from an errant paw, usually early in the morning when our pug/boston mix is trying to go under the covers. Also, she likes to greet us and everyone else by standing up and touching with her paws, and if she is excited, sometimes this can result in deep scratches (in the summertime, of course). A few times while playing, she has inadvertently bitten me, but it has never been intentional. Her jaws are so strong, and her teeth so sharp, that she could bite my hand off if she wanted, but she would not hurt a fly (unless it was a stuffed toy fly with a squeaker in it). We play the "tug of war" game quite often, and my hands are usually touching her mouth, and she is very careful not to bite me. The few times that she has accidently bitten or scratched me, she realizes as soon as it has happened, and gets very worried. I can tell that if I ever were in any serious accident or trouble, she would sense something was wrong and would do anything an everything to aid in my rescue."        
  • Lisa S. wrote, "I have two dogs and they love to be right under my feet so I tend to trip a lot so as to avoid stepping on them. My black lab/dalmatian is very strong and has hurt my elbow many times during games of tug of war. Occasionally she will catch my hand as well when she is trying to get a better 'grip' on the rope."        
  • Linda wrote, "My papillon is so small, she hasn't managed to cause any harm, although there have been those "almost trips" a couple times. My married son has two labs -- my "granddoggers" -- which are beautiful. But they weigh "a ton" compared to my little Papi. When they jump up to greet me, I sometimes get bruises on my arms and body where they've clawed at me, to show their affection, I'm sure. I have to be careful that my head is always above theirs, or I might get "loved to death"."        
  • Gill wrote, "3 weeks after her arrival in October my then 10 week old 2.3 kg yorkie needed to be taken downstairs to be put out to wee at 3.30AM as she was too tiny to manage the stairs and in the dark. Traversing the sitting room towards the back door I hit my previously broken shin, (May), at the spot on the stool I had forgotten to put away, and upended myself breaking my thigh and hip. Mikki was ok fortunately I did not land on her. But since she has been very upset at the sight of ambulence men in green, thinking they are going to take my mum away again. She is now 5 and half years old. She has had her own events too. Like taking off six months later and swimming at the international Showjumping ground at Hickstead. Fortunately the vet on duty got her back to life as Mikki drowned in the process of getting her out from where she trapped herself in brambles at the side of the lake. I had the whit to carry her upside down by her hind legs to get the water to drain out of her lungs and encourage the blood to go to her brain - vet reckonned this was best thing I could have done - she gave her an injection to get her heart goin again and the Firstaid center had fortunately an oxygen mask small enough to fit her. She is now a star celebrity."
  • Marguerite wrote, "My malinois had an upset stomach and got sick on the third step from the top and I didn't see it, slipped on it and came down 4 steps and broke my foot. My boxer has 3 times sprained my finger. But I still love my animals. They would never hurt on purpose and are always forgiven."

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    Poll Results: Has Your Pet Ever Hurt You?

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