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Poll Results: Has Your Pet Ever Hurt You?

By: Petplace Staff

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  • S. Escobar wrote, "Aggressive dog: I have a 6 yr. old poodle who strongly dislikes men (probably had an incident which I don't know about as a puppy) so I am very careful with him. He also does not accept strange people (men OR women) in the house and will sneak up and bite legs or ankles if given the chance. What I have done is make sure anyone in my home for the first time has a dog biscuit and if he is around ( I try for him NOT to be loose but dogs are great escape artists) or if I have the opportunity and enough confidence with the person, I bring him in to the room on a leash, I ask the person to toss a biscuit to him ( he LOVES biscuits). Believe it or not, after once or twice he will accept that person perfectly - you may want to try that approach ( always keep him on a leash until you're SURE he understands that they're OK). I want him to be protective but I also want him to know that not everyone means us harm. S. Ohio".
  • Andrea wrote, "We adopted one of the craziest dogs in the world last summer. She must be put on a chain when taken outside; otherwise, she will run (despite all the training, she can jump a 4 foot fence and run like the wind). When I wasn't paying attention, she ran up behind me so the chain hit the back of my legs at about 60 miles an hour; knocked me off my feet. I still have scars although it happened almost 5 months ago. Our Annie weighs 75 pounds, is supposed to be Lab/Poodle mix but I think she's part Wolfhound. Indoors, she is the most loving lap dog you've ever seen; outside, she is a wild child! She plays big sister to our mini Dachshund puppy and nurse to our 11 year old arthritic Lab - sweet, sweet, sweet. She also counter surfs for anything edible (or not!) and shares her bounty with the Doxie. We wouldn't have her any other way!"
  • Cheryl Koczat wrote, "While breaking up a fight between 2 of my dogs, I was bitten. While not paying attention, I've tripped over my smaller dog and have fallen....all of these incidents were MY fault...the dogs didn't mean any harm to me."

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    Poll Results: Has Your Pet Ever Hurt You?

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