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Pretty in Pink – Fashion Trends for Female Dogs

By: Rebecca K. O'Connor

Read By: Pet Lovers
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The feminine pooch is in luck this season. There are plenty of pretty pink fashions for the girlie canine to indulge in wearing to every occasion. Depending just how pet crazy you are the prices and originality of the fashions abound. You can dress your baby up just about any way you please.

A 2005 survey by the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association found that three-fourths of dog owners see their dogs as their children. With more people waiting to have children into their thirties and empty-nesters missing the children they already raised, it's not surprising. We love to pamper our dogs and if that means a pretty pink dress, a stroller for those shopping outings and some fun baby toys, why not? Check out some of the baby girl fashions that are available for your pup.

Formal Wear

You can find some beautiful pink dresses for your little girl at The Katrina Pink Ballerina Lilydress has layers and layers of exquisite fabrics and trims with a bow in the center for $51.95. The Mimi Lilydress is the perfect pink dress for special occasions with a leatherette flower at the waist and a black netting bottom for $58.95. At there are even more choices of pink dresses for your little girl. Check out the Audrey Hepburn dress for $39.99 the sweetheart dress for $34.99 or the Crazy Daiseys dress in pink for $29.99. These dresses would look wonderful on any little girl.

Winter Wear

There is plenty of winter wear available for the discerning pooch as well. You can keep your little girl warm and still in feminine style. At there is a great selection of hoodies that will keep her body and her head nice and cozy in the chilly weather. Check out the pink angel hoodie for $42.00, the pink quilted vest hoodie for $48.00 and the cashmere hoodie by Lilysweats for $110.00.


Don't forget accessories either. offers a pink "doll house" bed that looks just like the doll house that every little girl wishes she had. It's made for small dogs and sells for $159.95. Or maybe she would prefer the Pink Lizard dog bed. It's an overstuffed faux leather bed that sells for $115.95. You should of course take a peek at charms and barrettes. You can even get a personalized "bone" charm with your pet's name in Swarovki crystal.

On a Budget

Target carries a line called "Boots & Barkley," which has a dusty pink ballerina dress with sequins for $12.99. PetSmart also carries some reasonably priced couture for the girlie pooch. Check out the Companion Road argyle bones sweater for $14.99 or the Pink Princess crown dog tank for $9.99. Even if you are just looking for a little extra pink flair, you can find some nicely priced accessories. PetSmart also carries a variety of pink fashion collars in solid, floral or even beaded.

However you dress up your girlie pup make sure the fashions you choose are safe and she is supervised when wearing them. And above all, have fun!

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Pretty in Pink – Fashion Trends for Female Dogs

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