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Puppy of the Week - Meet "Winnie"

By: PetPlace Staff

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Kelly D., Winnie's Owner writes:

I'm not good at poems and I'm not a good writer either. All I can say is Winnie has been my saving grace. I have many chronic health problems that affect my daily life considerably.

I've had to give up a lot of things I used to be able to do because even little things are a struggle. Some days I'm unable to walk because the pain is so bad. Winnie is with me every minute of every day and she's the one who takes care of me.

She keeps me going, she makes me laugh. She always knows when Mommy isn't feeling good. She just automatically cuddles up against my chest and lays her head on my heart without a word or gesture from me. She also knows when something is wrong with me even when I don't.

One day she just started attaching herself to me more than normal. She constantly had to not only be by me but had to lay on me. Specifically my stomach area. This went on for a few weeks and one night I got up out of bed and passed out on the floor. My husband had to call 911 and when I got to the hospital emergency they found I had a tubular pregnancy that had just ruptured. I was hemorrhaging inside and almost didn't make it. Everything turned out fine in the end but I finally knew why Winnie had been so intent on laying on my belly for all that time. She knew something wasn't right in there.

If only I would have listened to her more carefully. I believe Angels show themselves in many forms to each of us and I believe that Winnie is my Guardian Angel and my Puppy Love all in one.

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Puppy of the Week - Meet "Winnie"

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