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Puppy of The Week

By: PetPlace Staff

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About Chico

  • Name: Chico
  • Nickname: Chicolandio
  • Breed: Schnauzer
  • Lives: Merida, Mexico
  • Age: 3 ½ months
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: About 3 pounds

    Chico's Story

    We got Chico from a friend, when he was only 3 weeks old after his mom died. He was very tiny and could not even walk. We fed him milk out of a bottle. When we took him outside, he was so little that the wind knocked him over.

    Chico is a male Schnauzer 3 months old and weighs about 3 pounds. He is very lovable, playful, and intelligent. He especially loves to run and play. Sometimes when he runs, he seems to hop with his hind legs. It is especially funny when he does this in the grass because it looks like he's hopping like a bunny.

    He loves to be held, but prefers to have his head over your shoulder to be able to see everything that's going on around him. He always stays very close to us when he is not in his crate. His favorite game is to play tug-a-war with a old sock.

    His favorite toy is a squeaky "taco" toy. Every Mexican dog must have a "taco" toy. He loves to bite it and wrestle with it. Chico's favorite place to be is in the kitchen. Maybe he's looking for more tacos!

    He eats Ganador puppy food and enjoys his chicken chew sticks, he also likes to sneak into the kitchen when no one is looking and eat cat food!

    Chico has learned how to sit and we are working on teaching him how to stay. He is very intelligent and is doing very well with his potty training. He likes to play with the cats outside and gets very distracted when he is supposed to be going potty. We need to work on that.

    Our family is giving him lots of love and enjoying many special moments with Chico, our new family member.

    Chico's Favorites

  • Favorite Treat: Chicken chew sticks
  • Favorite Toy: Plastic taco squeak toy
  • Favorite Game: Likes to wrestle with an old sock
  • Favorite Thing To Do When No One Is Looking: Eat cat food
  • Favorite Thing To Do All The Time: Likes to be near his parents Sarah and Nicholas

    If you would like to submit your puppy for "Puppy of the Week", our editors will choose one puppy each week. Click Here to submit your puppy story and photo.

    The puppy story can include anything special you want to say about your puppy. Why he or she is special, how you found him or her, anything you want. Our editors will choose one puppy each week.

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