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Quincy the Boston Terrier Healer

By: Petplace Staff

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Our dogs are not only our best friends, but sometimes they become our spiritual healers as well. Dogs have a second sense for when someone is ill or needs a little doggie TLC. No one knows that better than dog crazy folks who have had their pups nurse them through bad times. I just read a wonderful story about a woman whose Boston terrier got her through some really rough times. You can read the story here!

Joan Stump of Ellicott City, Maryland explains how in 1995 she desperately needed a buddy. She had broken her hip and was confined inside on a hospital bed that had been placed in her living room. She was so lonely, that she begged her husband to let her get a puppy. She explained to him that when she was growing up, her best friend's family raised Boston terriers. She had always thought they were sweet and funny dogs and thought that a puppy might be just the thing she needed.

Her husband agreed and after calling around, they were able to find a young Boston terrier. Joan named him Quincy and the little dog stayed with her in the hospital bed while she was recovering. Joan would feed him treats of peanut butter crackers and tuck him under the covers.

Joan continued to have health problems over the years, but Quincy was always there for her. She occasionally has seizures and Quincy always seems to anticipate them, looking after Joan and making sure that she is fine.

Today Quincy still looks after Joan, but he also has Joan's grandson in his charge. Quincy looks after him and plays with him even though he's no longer the young puppy he once was. Joan couldn't imagine having made it through the years without him. She says that there is still nothing he loves more than to cuddle with his "mom" in bed and eat peanut butter crackers.

Do you have a dog that you couldn't imagine life without? Be sure to share your story with us!

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Quincy the Boston Terrier Healer

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