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Rescue Group for Golden Retrievers

By: Reader

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We received this email that we want to share with you as a response to our foreclosure article about pets being left behind.

I am Founder of a non-profit all volunteer 501c3 rescue organization dedicated to finding forever homes for displaced Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes. We have been active since 2004 however I personally did rescue for many years before that in Ohio.

I have never seen this many abandoned dogs ...left on property that is no longer occupied by people...left with no food, no water ...for days before someone comes along to help the dogs. Our shelters in Florida are overcrowded ...our Humane Societies are overcrowded. It is a depressing situation for all who dedicate their lives to helping animals.

In your newsletter of April 22, 2008 you mentioned that as a last resort people should take their animals to the local shelter...WE SAY....WHAT ABOUT CONTACTING A LOCAL RESCUE GROUP ??? Please do not forget about us....we serve our animals well...finding forever homes for ALL the dogs. All our dogs do make it "out" of the organization into homes...we do not euthanize unless the dog is people aggressive or very very ill.....

Our dogs stand a much better chance of finding a home and they don't have to sit in a shelter and they don't get euthanized because there is the lack of space.

So please urge people that are in financial straits to contact a local rescue...there are purebred rescues and there are mixed breed rescues...there are rescues for cats, birds, horses....we are there to help.

Mary Ellen Metro, President
Golden Rescue In Naples, Inc.

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Rescue Group for Golden Retrievers

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