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Sanctuary in the Canyon of Angels

By: Ed Kane

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Surrounded by the country's beautiful scenery of Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon, Best Friends at Angel Canyon, located just a few minutes outside Kanab, Utah, is home to thousands of animals from bunnies to burros, dogs, cats, birds and horses. This unique animal shelter is a magical land, a peaceful setting for those lucky enough to be rescued and brought here from all over the country.

A Mission to Help

Best Friends's mission is to help bring about a time when there are no more homeless pets, and each one is given a loving family home. This animal shelter is like no other.

With a daily population of 1,800 animals, Best Friends finds homes for many abused and abandoned pets. It is home to many others that are too sick, old or have suffered extreme trauma, and will spend the rest of their lives in this magnificent sanctuary. Best Friends established this animal sanctuary in the early 1980s.


No matter the weather, each day the 650 dogs of Best Friends Dogtown need to be fed and cared for. The dogs live in large indoor-outdoor areas across 50 acres. Food bowls and water pails are loaded into a pickup truck and delivered to the wagging tails. While they're feeding, the staff make note of the dogs' health, behavior and social interactions.

The TLC Cat Club

The quiet purring of the 600 felines of the TLC Cat Club echoes throughout Angel Canyon. Benton the Cat, an alley cat with a sweet demeanor and purrsonality all his own, is the Mayor at TLC. Like many of the other residents, Benton had been traumatized and remains in residence here.

WildCat Village

The spacious indoor-outdoor homes of this village are residence to more than 300 feral cats, those that have grown up in homeless colonies and are not used to being around people. The ferals who come to Best Friends are too sick or injured to be able to take care of themselves any longer. They find a new life at WildCat Village - free of fear, hunger and pain.

The Bunny House

The Bunny House is haven to 200 rabbits like McTavish, Petra, Chamois, Nutmeg, Rabbit Redford II and Babs. Each has their own apartment with roomy indoor accommodations, and an outdoors where they can burrow together and build a network of bunny tunnels. Human visitors to the Bunny House say it has a calming effect on them.

Wild and Feathered Friends

Numu, the Great Horned Owl, was injured by a car, as she swooped down over the highway. Though she's learned to fly again, she is not well enough to be released to the wild. She and many others like her, find bird heaven in the aviaries here. Birds of many species including Carrera the Nanday conure as well as ducks, peacocks, doves and pigeons, flap their wings peacefully here.

The Happy Herd

From Two Bits, a former dude ranch pony-ride Shetland pony, to the many burros and goats that needed refuge, they all roam the pastures of the Happy Herd. Fed carrots for treats, these formally abused animals are without care in Happy Herd. Three burros were original tenants of the Grand Canyon and were helicoptered out in the 1970s when burros began to overrun the area. Goatie the goat and his goat pal Sarah are some of the many goats of the herd.

The Best Friends Clinic

From emergencies to regular veterinary care, owl wings, spays and neuters to horse feet, the Best Friends Clinic can take care of just about anything. There are facilities for complete blood work, X-rays, surgery and dental care. Manufacturers and hospitals donate much of the equipment. Human doctors and nurses, who are members of Best Friends, also help with supplies. Universities send groups of veterinary students to study at Best Friends. Some of the nation's top veterinarians drop in to assist often.

At Peace

Best Friends animals once abandoned, abused and without a good home, find safe haven at Angel Canyon. A beautiful place, many human angels now make sure these animals are well cared for.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary 5001 Angel Canyon Drive Kanab UT 84741

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Sanctuary in the Canyon of Angels

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