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Travel Ideas: Scott Valley Resort & Guest Ranch with Dogs

By: Ed Kane

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Scott Valley Ranch, Mountain Home, located in Arkansas, has several dogs, 15 cats and a stable of 74 horses. You can ride the horses, but the cats and dogs are just for hanging out with. Each year, from March to November, guests come to the resort with their pets to ride horses through the rugged Ozarks, jet ski on Lake Norfork and fly cast in or canoe down the White River. If that's not their bag, they can stroll along the riverbanks watching the blue heron take off into the sunset or wander off on a trail to Mt. Matney, overlooking the valley of the Ozark National Forest.

Pets can come out on the group horse trail rides or wander about the property on their own or with their human companions. Almost every year, among the guests is Ghengis Khan. No, not the Mongolian emperor, but a much less ferocious Australian shepherd that loves to romp and play on the trail rides with the ranch dogs - Hershey, a chocolate Lab-Doberman mix, Scruffy a chow mix, Getty, a Lab-shepherd mix and Abby, a Labrador retriever. "They intermingle with all of us and keep the staff happy, they're just like people here," says Jana Paczcowski, a ranch wrangler. "Scruffy and Getty will do anything to go on just about every trail ride that they can possibly get on." But Ghengis, when he visits, dominates all ranch activity. Last time, while out with the horses, Ghengis wandered off too far and didn't come back for half a day, making everyone nervous. But he eventually returned and he was probably just enjoying the scenery.

There are also cats in residence at the resort that keep the guests and staff occupied as well. "The cats teach the dogs bad habits," Paczcowski says. Cashmere, Duke, Muffin and C.B., to name a few, are often into mischief. C.B. or "Cry Baby" is known for his habit of sitting outside guests' rooms, crying to be let in.

To end a day of full meals and relaxation, you can enjoy an evening hayride with your best pal. Who better to ride off into the sunset with? For reservations and more information visit

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Travel Ideas: Scott Valley Resort & Guest Ranch with Dogs

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