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Dog Lovers Speak Out: Should Dogs Be Split Up During a Divorce?

By: PetPlace Dog Lovers

Read By: Pet Lovers
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We posed some etiquette questions to our dog lovers. This particular topic was about divorce and what is best for the dogs.

This question was:

A woman and her husband just split up – the dogs have always been together and really seem to love each other but each really wants to keep one. What is best?

The results were as follows:

  • Keep the dogs together - woman should get the dogs - 32.1%
  • Keep the dogs together - man should get the dogs - 7.5%
  • Split the dogs up - they will be okay - 60.4%

    Most dog lovers believe that it is okay to split up the dogs.

    Dog Lover Comments Included:

    1.        Keep the dogs together - share custody
    2.        do a shared custody sort of arrangement
    3.        Have joint custody of the dogs
    4.        Who does the main veterinary and feeding of the dogs - that's who should get them...and keep them together
    5.        Keep the dogs together and negotiate visitation so that no one loses a relationship
    6.        Give the dogs to best ability and resources to care for them.
    7.        share like visitation etc
    8.        Depends on the separation. Why not share custody?
    9.        keep the dogs together and share custody
    10.        Keep the dogs together-share the dogs!
    11.        The dogs should stay with whoever has the most time for them if not arrange "visitation"
    12.        How old are the dogs? They may do fine spilt up
    13.        Keep the dogs together and the other person get another dog or dogs.
    14.        Keep the dogs together and have joint custody.
    15.        Keep the dogs together - they have to decide who gets them.
    16.        Split dogs, but arrange for time together maybe in a dog park.
    17.        keep dogs together
    18.        keep dogs together who should take them depends on who is the better caregiver, let the other one have visitation rights
    19.        Maybe set up "visitation" as is done with children. This way the dogs can still get together and the couple can each have one of the dogs.
    20.        Try splitting them up... if they don't adjust, one person gets both and the other adopts another dog
    21.        Regardless of who gets the dogs keep them together and have visitation just as you would have for children
    22.        Share them equally like you would children from a divorce
    23.        alternate houses
    24.        one person should keep the dogs or adopt them out together
    25.        my girlfriend sendya this one ? Essentially this just comes down to the one better off or has more. . . .because whomever has more will have more/bigger rooms, generally time and obviously money. Because this is better for the dogs doesnt suggest theyre where/with the human they want or the one that loves them. This life is a shitty exsistance as it is - dont make it so for the dogs too keep'em together.
    26.        If the dogs are split up, organize frequent play dates.
    27.        Dogs should stay together. They can have joint custody.
    28.        whoever the dogs like best should keep the both dogs. Keep both dogs together
    29.        share both dogs every other week they go to a different house
    30.        each get a dog, but must have play dates 1x a week.
    31.        Splitting the dogs is fine, but arrange play dates for them
    32.        keep the dogs together with whoever gives them more attention
    33.        Treat the dog situation as you would with kids. Each should have equal time with them since they both love them
    34.        Joint custody; share the dogs alternating weeks.
    35.        Keep the dogs together; I don't care who gets them
    36.        split them up and arrange playdates
    37.        rotate days
    38.        arrange "play dates"
    39.        The couple should take a lesson from their dogs!
    40.        Whoever has the most time/resources to care for them should get them together
    41.        keep the dogs together - but have joint custody - every other month with one person
    42.        Keep them together - whoever is the primary caregiver to the dogs should keep them. (probably the woman!)
    43.        If the dogs were not OK, they would have to reconsider the arrangement
    44.        take turns get women gets dogs one week man gets dogs next week
    45.        The dogs should stay with their primary caretaker.
    46.        maybe share the dogs/co-ownership
    47.        I personally went thru this. We has 2 german sheppards. We each took one. Mine is now 14 years old and the best thing I got out of that marraige :)
    48.        Keep the dogs together, and one of them rescue some new dogs.
    49.        Compromise, take turns with the dogs, but don't split them up permanently.
    50.        Each keep the dogs for three months at a time.
    51.        need to know more
    52.        not really sure depends on the dog
    53.        Keep the dogs together and share custody
    54.        Get the dogs used to time apart and go from there
    55.        Have a custody agreement like a month with one a month with the other
    56.        Keeping the dogs together would be beneficial but one person would have to sacrifice, if they truly love their pets hopefully one would be big enough to let the dogs be together.
    57.        keep the dogs together, the person with the most time to spend with them gets the dogs
    58.        The dogs should not be split up. PERIOD. They are already losing A parent (it really depends on who actually has the most time to care for them), they should not lose each other. It's not their fault that their owners can't get along!
    59.        Well, I think they should be together, but it depends on who owned them together first if that is a factor and who is bettery equiped to care for the dogs. Perhaps even shared custody.
    60.        who will get the house? maybe that one should keep both dogs. otherwise, each gets the one they bond the best with and an agreement is made if they hav e to give it up, they give it back so both are together with thsoe they love
    61.        keep dogs together, whoever is closer to the dogs keeps them
    62.        Let the man and women have each one dog, but visit often with both dogs together.
    63.        the dogs should stay together but both parties need to talk it out and decide who is best suited to keep them.
    64.        The person most responsible (feeds them, takes them out, etc) should keep both.
    65.        they can take one dog each, the dogs will be okay seperately
    66.        whoever is alpha should get the dogs
    67.        joint custody
    68.        visiting rights for both dogs to each owner
    69.        this is a tough one. I think man and woman need to discuss this more. Would like to see two animals continue to live together.
    70.        share joint custody
    71.        that is what visitation is all about - after all, they are your furkids
    72.        it should be a question of who can better care for both dogs, they would be best in the house they are in, if both have means and time to care for the dogs, then yes, it is sad, but the dogs should be split. Athough, sad..the dogs are sometimes used as children, where one person just wants the dog or to make it more difficult on the other
    73.        keep the dogs together doesn't matter if they go to man or woman
    74.        let them be at womans house for week then mans house for a week... shared custody.
    75.        Share the dogs-joint custody
    76.        they should have joint custody just like with kids and rotate
    77.        alternate visits just like you would children
    78.        arrange visitation
    79.        Keep the dogs together, whoever can care best for the dogs keeps the dogs.
    80.        let who ever stays in the home have them they are use to it and any other change may affect them
    81.        Is it possible to arrange a joint custody arrangement?
    82.        Man gets visiting rights!
    83.        one or the other takess both
    84.        keep the dogs together and arrange visitations
    85.        Keep the dogs together, with whoever will be best parent
    86.        Keep the dogs together. Whoever gets the dogs should be determined by who the dogs are closest to, who can provide an adequate yard, and who can afford to keep them.
    87.        joint custody
    88.        visiting rights
    89.        keep the dogs together but decide who they should stay with

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    Dog Lovers Speak Out: Should Dogs Be Split Up During a Divorce?

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