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Dog Lovers Speak Out: Should Dogs Be Split Up During a Divorce?

By: PetPlace Dog Lovers

Read By: Pet Lovers
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90.        Keep the dogs together & have scheduled times for both "parents" like a shared custody case with children.
91.        Keep the dogs together and decide who gets the dogs themselves. Or organise visitations like a human child
92.        joint custody, each keeps them one week.
93.        keep the dogs together and share responsibilty like kids
94.        try to arrange play dates for the dogs
95.        Someone has to be the bigger person and allow the other to keep both dogs, for their sake.
96.        If one person keeps the dogs the other should have visiting rights.
97.        For the sake of the dogs they should be kept together.
98.        dogs should be kept together and they will have to decide who gets them
99.        One would have to prioritize these attachments (woman, man, dogs)

101.        this is a bit tough, but what about split custody?
102.        Keep dogs together-offer joint custody
103.        Keep the dogs together with the person that will take the best care of them.
104.        whomever has the best ability to deal with the dogs should get them, keeping the dogs together
105.        who has most time for them and best environment?
106.        Keep the dogs together - spouse with the better situation for the dogs keeps them
107.        Keep the dogs together. Figure out which one will have the best set up to keep the dogs healthy, happy and able to get exercise.
108.        rock,paper,scissors :)
109.        Share custody and keep the dogs together
110.        the dogs should stay together regardless of who keeps them

111.        Shared access but keeping them together
112.        keep them together no matter what
113.        not enough info on the owners/ who is the alfa owner
114.        shared pet custody with visitation
115.        Shared cutody, let each one have them for a few weeks.
116.        share custody until one partner gives up
117.        visitation rights
118.        Joint custody
119.        don't know
120.        Keep the dogs together with whoever is home the most
121.        Don't care who keeps them as long as they stay together
122.        split them up but give time each week for play dates to see if they are doing alright. If not, then they will need to stay together.
123.        How wonderful that BOTH want the dogs! Perhaps each should keep one, but set up a play schedule or perhaps even a sleep-over schedule.
124.        Allow visitation and get doggie support!
125.        Keep dogs together with person who does most to look after them
126.        take turns---joint custody
127.        In every household the dogs always gravitate to that one person that is their caretaker. That is the person that should get both dogs. Visitation should be offered.
128.        Keep the dogs together & share their time with each other
129.        One keeps the dogs but arranges for the other to spend time with them
130.        Keep dogs together --- arrange custody schedule
131.        Tough, one. Not really sure.
132.        whichever one can provide the best home for them should keep them both, do not separate them.
133.        keep the dogs together...whoever has more time to devote to them should get them.
134.        shared them
135.        keep dogs together-one who has most time to spend with them, gets them
136.        Its not about you and him its whether the dogs will pine without each other, if not you can each get another to befriend the dogs
137.        No easy way to predict what will happen if the dogs are apart, depends on the dogs. They should go with whichever person can give the best care
139.        Look for new owner willing to keep dogs together.
140.        If the dogs favor one person over another, they should stay with that person. But I think they should stay together, whoever takes them.
141.        whoever is able to better care of both dogs
142.        I think the dogs should stay together, either with the man or the woman. The decision of who gets to keep the dogs is very delicate. As for children, the dogs should go with the one who is the most capable of handling 2 dogs in terms of space, ability of being their pack leader, etc. And compensate the other person for him or her to get another companion. I know it is a difficult choice to make, but must be done in the interest of the dogs before the owners.
143.        Joint custody
144.        split the dogs up, but arrange play dates for several months until they get used to being apart most of the time
145.        Keep the dogs together. The one who can afford the most time with them gets them, i.e. takes them for walks regularly, doesn't plan to board them much etc.
146.        depends how the dogs act when separated.....if it seems traumatic for them one person should keep them.
147.        the dogs should stay together and the adult who has the most time, room, etc should get the dogs - the other can have custody visits and have the dogs every other weekend - this is what my ex and I do

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Dog Lovers Speak Out: Should Dogs Be Split Up During a Divorce?

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