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Dog Lovers Speak Out: Should Dogs Be Split Up During a Divorce?

By: PetPlace Dog Lovers

Read By: Pet Lovers
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148.        Age of the dogs does matter, if they're young, they'll be OK, if they're older I would suggest they take turns keeping the dogs
149.        keep the pets together -- either parent
150.        They should share custody of the dogs
151.        The dogs should stay together with one of them.
152.        Keep the dogs. Work out who gets them both.
154.        I think it would be best to keep the dogs out of a shelter, so if they each had one, it would be better than no home at all.
155.        Keep dogs together - take turns keeping the dogs
156.        Whoever has the most time and money for care should keep both dogs.
157.        Keep the dog together, person with the most home time gets the dogs
158.        It depends on the situation, but dogs are pretty adaptable. It also depends on whether both parties are able to care for the animal (S) equally well. Does the husband have the time? Does the wife have the money?
159.        they could also have visitation rights - like w/ children
160.        May try visitation
161.        Split the dogs up but have visitation rights and weekend sleep overs (I mean the dogs).
162.        shared custody,keep together....week -week ends~take turns
163.        Keep dogs together. Decide who gets them by who handled most dog chores in the past.
164.        The dogs should stay together with the person who loves and cares for them the most. Who can give the dogs the best home?
165.        or give the dogs to someone else and each get a new one
166.        Keep dogs together, decide for one parent to be the primary and the other can have visitation rights.
167.        The person with the most time to spend with the dogs should take them. Depending on their ages and the number of dogs, it may not be hard to split them.
168.        Keep the dogs together.. decide who gets them before divorce is finalized.Who is better able to give the dogs what they need in the way of medical care, living arrangements, and attention.
169.        Keep dogs together with the person that provides most of their care on a daily basis.
170.        keep the dogs together in the place that is best for the dogs. Get court order for shared ownership
171.        keep the dogs together, share custody
172.        keep the dogs together - it doesn't matter which person gets them as long as that person is a responsible and loving caregiver
173.        try splitting them, and reunite if necessary
174.        Share them like you would children
175.        Need more information - it really depends on all the relationships involved, not just the dog-dog relationship.
176.        Keep the dogs together with whoever can care for them best
177.        award custody of both dogs to both parties - with a visitation schedule
178.        Keep the dogs together and determine by the best living situation who gets the dogs
179.        the amimals should stay in the house or apartment there in to whom ever is stayingthere
180.        One person should get the dogs, the one that wants to take both
181.        If the two are friendly, treat them like children. Give each a specific time to be with the pets.
182.        let the dogs visit each other
183.        Keep the dogs together; if the dogs have a favourite person, they should be with that person. It will be hard enough for them as it is.
184.        Most animals will adjust. They have to when one of them goes to doggie heaven.
185.        Make the marriage work
186.        Keep the dogs together. The person who the dogs love the most should get the dogs.
187.        determine who has the better situation for the dogs, and give the other visitation, same as with children. Dogs shouldn't pay for their breakup
188.        Try them apart. If it doesn't work whoever initiated getting them should keep them
189.        Or the two "parents" could share the dogs ...the dogs could spend part time with one and then the other.
190.        Keep the dogs together - toss a coin as to who gets them
191.        the first month the dogs go to the husband the next month the dogs go to the women , and it just goes llike that!
192.        split but allow visiting rights.
193.        Keep the dogs together with the owner that is closest and spends the most time with them.
194.        Keep them together and share time like you would with children
195.        Keep the dogs together - the main caregiver should get the dogs
196.        joint custody the dogs need to be together sometimes
197.        If one doesn't really care if they have the dogs then the other one should have them.
198.        Keep the dogs together, one or the other should get the dogs, the other person should adopt some more
199.        Keeping the dogs together would be my choice. It's a matter of concern for the animals. Animals, especially dogs, are more loyal to one person for their entire lives. If this is the case, both dogs should stay with the person they are loyal to, rather than separated. We have cats and 1 dog. If we ever split up, hubby would get the dog. The cats would unequivically be mine, as they have been with me since day 1. Same goes for the dog, she is loyal to hubby.

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Dog Lovers Speak Out: Should Dogs Be Split Up During a Divorce?

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