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Dog Lovers Speak Out: Should Dogs Be Split Up During a Divorce?

By: PetPlace Dog Lovers

Read By: Pet Lovers
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200.        Shared custody- equal time with both dogs for each person.
201.        joint custody split the time between homes
202.        keep them together but slit the time between the woman and the man
203.        joint custody. It works for children, why not pets?
204.        Keep the dogs together-split custody, 1 week with each "parent" or 2 weeks, etc.
205.        which one has more time to spend with the dogs
206.        Depends on the reason each wants a dog....revenge...keep dogs together. Dog loved....each will be ok and adjust in time.
207.        one person should get both dogs
208.        The woman can get another dog or two for herself.
209.        Each can adopt a 2nd dog from a shelter & save a life
210.        Rehome the dogs together
211.        joint custody
212.        keep dogs together, rotate whose house they stay at
213.        Dogs stay together, couple alternates custody of dogs
214.        The dogs should stay together with whomever it is that truly loves them and can care for them properly.
215.        keep them together; who gets them is up for negotiation
216.        I saw this happen with my former employers and they split the dogs up, but made sure that they had "TOGETHER" time each week
217.        Whenever no one is home, the companionship that the dogs share is not something that should be taken away from them, regardless of the humans' relationship. Decide together which person's home would be in the best interest of the dogs.
218.        keep the dogs together. One needs to give in and allow the other to take both dogs.
219.        Definitely keep the dogs together. If they can't mutually decide who is best to keep both dogs, let the courts decide.
220.        Depends on the situation of break-up i.e. which partner is better suited to care for the dogs.

221.        keep dogs together with whomever can keep 2 dogs
222.        Keep the dogs together - doesn't matter with whom..
223.        Let her keep the dogs and have him help pay for their support
224.        keep dogs together & have joint custody
225.        Without knowing the personality of the dogs, I can't say. They might be okay, but they could be bonded. It would depend. I would have to observe their behavior.
226.        Joint Custody
227.        Ask if they can time share, 1 month with guy, 1 month with the lady....shame to split them up when they love each other.
228.        dogs should be kept together and with the caregiver that has more time for their needs
229.        Decide who will have the best home and the most time for the dogs and leave them there. Visit the dogs whenever possible
230.        Keep the dogs together and tell the adults to grow up and do what's best for them; one could have visitation rights.
231.        Keep the dogs together.......whoever can take care of them better should have them
232.        Each gets both dogs once a week or so
233.        keep them together and whoever will be home the most should keep the dogs and the other visitation
234.        Probably should keep the dogs together but not enough info to offer an opinion on wife or husband.
235.        which human do the dogs seem to be more comfortable around? Visitation, maybe?
236.        Joint custody with visition between the couple
237.        Whoever is the main caretaker should get both dogs.
238.        keep the dogs together
239.        Get marriage counseling
240.        woman and husband should get together again and work on a good marriage!
241.        and each get another dog companion for the original dogs.
242.        But let them (the dogs) have "play dates" and overnights together if proximaty allows.
243.        Try taking turns if possible.
244.        Keep the dogs together with the person who can spend the most time with them.
245.        Dogs should have shared custody if possible and spend time with man and wife alternately or as negotiated. After all, the dogs will probably miss their people too!
246.        Dogs should stay together the couple should work this out and do what is best for the dogs, the other person can adopt a new pet from a local shelter.
247.        Work out visitation rights or something. Dogs stay together.
248.        LIke human children, share the dogs and develope a schedule for each person. This might help both when they want to get away etc.
249.        Keep the dogs together with anyone who cares for them.
250.        And have sleep overs if at all possible
251.        shared custody
252.        Try splitting the dogs adn if they do not do well apart - make a decision as to who can best care for both.
253.        Visitation?
254.        Keep the dogs together and if they really both love and want the dogs they should work out a joint-custody just like people do with children - you don't normally split a brother and sister up just because both parents want the children
255.        Split the dogs up but arrange to have play dates where the two can see each other.
256.        keep dogs together somehow
257.        time share just like you would with children
258.        Share custody, keeping dogs together
259.        I don't know about this one. Messy situation.

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Dog Lovers Speak Out: Should Dogs Be Split Up During a Divorce?

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