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Dog Lovers Speak Out: Should Dogs Be Split Up During a Divorce?

By: PetPlace Dog Lovers

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260.        Keep the dogs together with the person that has been the primary caretaker of the animals
261.        One of them should keep the dogs together or take turns sharing the dogs.
262.        Who can provide the better home for the dogs is the first question. The dogs should probably be kept together by the party who can provide them with the best care.
263.        The dogs should stay together; whomever is home the most should get them
264.        one should get both dogs, the other person visitation rights. The dogs need stability which is each other. It's not their fault the humans can't work things out.
265.        The pups should stay together but if that isn't possible arrange regular play dates
266.        Let the dogs decide withwhom they want to go.
267.        This is a tough one. Whoever can spend more time with them should get them both.
268.        at some point, it will be clear that either the husband or the wife doesn't really want the dog they got (they took it out of spite) & then the other partner can take it back
269.        decide which dog goes with which-or- keep dogs together,nego on "master"
270.        Keep the dogs together with whoever is staying at the family home.
271.        every other weekend and keep them together..they are friends and one may really go into a drpression
272.        Arrrange to have dog outings together, play group
273.        Keep the dogs together -- one must simply put the needs of the animal first
274.        Dogs together Parents can have joint custody
275.        Give the dogs to the one who is keeping the house and allow visitiation by the other
276.        Either he or she can always get another dog for company to the one they kept.
277.        do like a child have visiting privileges
278.        joint custody of the dogs
279.        share time with them,if you live close...
280.        just like kids keep them together and arrange visitation like one week with wife the other with the husband
281.        Visitation rights - like kids. 1 week with each person
282.        share custady of dogs . One week one house one the next
283.        Maybe one of them show start another 4 legged friend household.
284.        keep dogs together, but split custody-one week with woman, one week with man or similar arrangement
285.        do what is best for the dogs and allow visitation to the spouse that does not get custody
286.        arrange for dogs to see each other once a week
287.        One way or the other, the dogs need to stay together, cannot specify who should get them. This may be the most difficult negotiation in the divorce.
288.        Let them stay where they are
289.        take turns each week
290.        Keep the dogs together. You will both have to come to an agreement as to who should keep the dogs. Sometimes it is more loving to give a dog up than to be selfish and keep one "just because..."
291.        Keep the dogs together, whoever keeps them.
292.        keep the dogs together. either man or woman.
293.        share the animals, a few months with each
294.        keep the dogs together. Whoever doesn't get them, this is a great chance to adopt 2 more shelter dogs
295.        keep dogs together-goes to one who can take care of them best
296.        arrang for joint custody dogs go with for a while and then with him a while share them that way they are not solit up
297.        try a joint custody for a while till you canwork it out.
298.        Whatever is best for the dogs
299.        keep them together with = visitation
300.        shared custody?
301.        Each could get a second dog to keep the first company.
302.        keep the dogs together at the home that has the best facilities for the dogs
303.        Take turns with the dogs so that you can still keep them together.
304.        can't reply would need to know more info
305.        Joint custody - share them but keep them together
306.        The dogs should go with whoever feeds and takes care of them the most!
307.        Keep the dogs together, discuss who should get them
308.        Joint custody.. they each get both dogs on a schedule.
309.        both dogs together, custody to be decided by the judge
310.        The dogs should be kept together. Either arrange joint custody or let the person who can spend more time with them have custodial rights. Liberal visitation could be arranged.
311.        keep dogs together, whoever gets house keeps dogs
312.        in their best interest, keep the dogs together, with whomever will be able to give them the attention they'll need with this change in their environment
313.        Keep dogs together and work out a visiting schedule
314.        sit down and realize that the animals are living things with true emotions and for emotional health they need each other so the man and woman need to put their problems aside and one of them needs to take both animals.
315.        they should be ok separately after a while, but will pine for their buddy. Maybe play dates could be arranged?
316.        they should share the dogs like they would with kids. The person who has the better place, or the one that will stay where they are, should keep the dogs and the other person should get visitation
317.        with visiting rights for all!
318.        One or the other should keep both - depends who cares for them & has tie for them the most
319.        But hopefully allow them both to visit each other especially if they seem to miss each other.
320.        have joint custody. keep them together and share them.
321.        Share the two dogs..If geographically possible
322.        Allow the dogs to stay together and let the person more able to take care of them financially and physically keep them unless one partner brought them into the marriage then that person should keep them.
323.        keep the dogs together, but unsure of who should keep. They could do visitation.
324.        keep the dogs together whoever ends up with them
325.        Whoever has more time to give should get the dogs
326.        Perhaps, if this is an amicable divorce, they could share custody where the dogs could stay together... at least until they see which arrangement [him or her] would be better for the dogs. But keep the dogs together.. when the humans go out, they only have each other.
327.        Decide who has the best situation (big yard, house, etc.) and let him/her keep both dogs.
328.        The other either/or should agree to get a new animal
329.        Keep the dogs together, but try to agree on who they stay with.
331.        decide who is best suited to take care of them and offer reasonable visitation to the other person
332.        I would suggestion Mediation, perhaps visitation ,etc
333.        Try harder to keep the marriage together for the children(Dogs)
334.        each keeps a dog but have visitation/play dates
335.        Keep at the same house they currently live in.
336.        the dogs should stay together with the person that will have more time for them

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Dog Lovers Speak Out: Should Dogs Be Split Up During a Divorce?

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