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Small Dog Breeds

By: Petplace Staff

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Havanese. Named after the Cuban capital of Havana, this small terrier was originally popular with Cuban royalty. Becoming more popular in the United States, the Havanese is a toy breed that was accepted by the AKC in 1996.

Lakeland terrier. From England, the Lakeland terrier is a tough and active dog. Very courageous, this breed is known to follow quarry underground for long distances.

Lhasa apso. The Lhasa apso hails from Tibet, where the dog is called apso seng kye (bark lion sentinel dog). In fact, the lovable Lhasa's keen hearing and intelligence make him a good watchdog. However, the small furry breed is even more exceptional as a lapdog.

Lowchen Although known as the little lion dog or Petit Chien Lion, this breed is more bark than bite. With his sociable style and gregarious persona, the Lowchen makes an ideal pet. His long, supple fur is often cut like a lion, thus his nickname.

Manchester terrier - Standard. Often mistaken for a miniature pinscher, the Manchester terrier is black and tan. The breed has been used to eliminate rats and chase rabbits.

Mexican Hairless. If you have dog allergies, the Mexican hairless may be the dog for you. They produce significantly less dander than most other dogs, and have no hair. But finding one may be a challenge, as there are only 4000 in the entire world.

Miniature Bull Terrier. The miniature bull terrier is just what the name implies: a miniature version of the tenacious and beloved bull terrier. Comical and loving, this dog is a great family pet.

Miniature schnauzer. An excellent watchdog, the miniature schnauzer hails from Germany. Intelligent, reliable and protective, this breed is one of the most popular of all schnauzers.

Norfolk terrier. Often confused with the Norwich terrier, the Norfolk has pendulous ears. As with the Norwich terrier, this breed is an excellent ratter.

Norwich terrier. Similar to the Norfolk terrier, the Norwich has erect ears. Active and perpetually happy, this dog is a great family pet.

Parson Russell terrier. A lively breed, the Parson Russell has recently become very popular. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that it takes a special and understanding individual to own a Parson Russell.

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Small Dog Breeds

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