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Small Dog Breeds

By: Petplace Staff

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Sealyham terrier. Hailing from Wales, this dog is more of a companion than a working terrier. A friendly dog, the Sealyham is also a great watchdog.

Shetland sheepdog. Looking like a miniature collie, the Sheltie is a wonderful companion. The breed has a natural instinct to guard property and excels in obedience trials and agility.

Shiba inu. Considered one of the smallest of the Japanese breeds, the shiba inu has shown excellent hunting skills but are now more of a house pet. In fact, the shiba inu is the most popular companion dog in Japan.

Shih tzu. Proud and intelligent, the shih tzu is from Tibet and China, where the name means "lion dog" because of the breed's appearance. The dog is also called "chrysanthemum-faced dog" because the hair around the face grows in all directions. The breed is alert, curious and gentle.

Silky terrier. Developed in Australia, this little dog is related to the Yorkshire terrier. Originally called the Sydney silky terrier, the breed typically weighs around 10 pounds. In 1955, the American name for the dog was officially changed to silky terrier.

Skye terrier. With a long flowing coat, the Skye terrier is a beautiful Scottish breed. Though not as popular as his Scottish terrier, cairn terrier and West Highland white terrier cousins, the Skye is slowly finding his way into people's hearts.

Tibetan spaniel. The Tibetan spaniel was a cherished companion of monks and was often given as gifts to royalty and monasteries in other countries. Excellent watchdogs and faithful companions, the Tibetan spaniel is slowly gaining popularity in the United States.

Tibetan terrier. This dog also hails from Tibet. As with other Tibetan breeds, the Tibetan terrier was thought to bring luck and was never sold. The breed was only given as gifts. Though not a terrier, this breed was officially named a terrier due to his size. A faithful companion, the Tibetan terrier is a happy, hardy dog.

Welsh terrier. Another dog hailing from Wales, the Welsh terrier is extensively used in his homeland to hunt badger, fox and otter. Slowly gaining popularity in the US, this breed is most often black and tan with a harsh coat.

West Highland white terrier. This small white terrier is playful and loveable but does require some exercise to keep him happy. A great size for an apartment, the Westie is a good watch dog and faithful companion that needs grooming to keep his coat mat free.

Whippet. As a moderate-sized greyhound look-a-like, the whippet enjoys racing around a track just as much as he likes to cuddle next to his owner. One of the fastest dogs, the whippet can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

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Small Dog Breeds

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