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Stories from Dog Lovers About “Do Dogs Mourn the Death of Another Dog?”

By: PetPlace dog lovers

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  • My male Doberman pincher died at age 6 1/2, we had gotten him a female (age 3 1/2), when he was 6 months. They lived together for 6 years, when he suddenly died. She was listless. Always looking around for him. He had a ball with a bell inside that he played with. I picked it up one day 3 months after he died and the bell jingled. She BOLTED up the stairs to see him, looking around and sniffing. (She hadn't been upstairs for a while as she had hip dysplasia). I never picked up that ball again after seeing her reaction. She truly loved ad missed her companion.

  • I had a dog-named Sandi, mixed breed. She had puppies and they were about 5 months old. I remember when I came home she was laying in the yard. When I walked up I noticed a car had hit one of her puppies and she was laying on top of it. She was barking at me and whining, laying on the puppy, rolling on the puppy and totally going crazy. I think she must have seen the accident. I had to distract Sandi while my husband put the puppy in something so he can take the puppy away. She caught on and started jumping all over my husband. He layer the bag down, with the dead puppy inside, right by our bedroom window until I was able to distract Sandi again. I had to distract her long enough for him to take the puppy away. Once he did she sat right in the spot where the bag was. Being that it was by my window, I saw her sitting there and whining all night long. It was so terribly sad and I have never seen a dog act like that before. We had to just pay a lot of attention to her and distract her for days after. Sad! Sad!

  • We do have a goldendoodle now, but, I still had to share my experience on this subject, about 2-cats who were brothers. After being brought up in two different families for nine years, they were reunited in my home, for just over 9 years together. They had not seen each other for the full 9 years, and instantly recognized and accepted each other. That in itself was amazing, as my cat would not allow any other cats to even visit. The one I had adopted was originally brought up with a dog, and unfortunately due to his family moving out of the city, was unable to go with them. It was a couple of years later, I learned that the dog, he had grown up with, had become sick, and passed on, in another city. Without knowing the circumstances, I had noticed the cat became extremely lethargic for one week, and kept staring at me, with the saddest eyes I'd ever seen. I did receive the information eventually, that his brother (the dog), had passed on during that same week. The cat was usually playful and content, but, not during that time. I do believe animals know and react when death happens, just as we do. Thanks for letting me share this.

  • I am a 65-year-old man who was reluctant to allow my wife to get another canine companion because of the changes in our lifestyle and the fact that over the past 40+ years it has always been my duty to have our pets euthanized. Finally, after enduring my wife's pleadings for well over a year, I conceded and she was blessed with a new male Pomeranian which she named EWOK.I was amazed at the joy and vitality she displayed after EWOK joined us, because for many years she had MS and COPD. In July of 2007, while I ran a business in Missouri, she and EWOK were at home in Colorado when she succumbed to her illness. Ewok remained with her for two days, guarding her remains, before we became aware of the situation. It took extensive coaxing before he would get down off of the bed and leave her side. For days he would quickly eat, go outside to take care of his duties and anxiously return to the bed.

  • My husband and I and our other baby girl had to get our other little girl put to sleep on August 11th 08. We took both of our girls to the vet so that Princess would realize she's gone. I thought by taking her as well she would have understand that our baby girl Pigglet, her little sister that she would see what happened and move forward in her life. I was terribly mistaken. She still won't go into the kitchen and eat her food unless I'm there to encourage her to eat it. Princess and Pigglet were together from puppy hood. So I called our vet and he gave me a great piece of advice. He told me to soak it for her in low sodium chicken broth. At the time I called for any info she wasn't eating at all. The vet told us that she is seriously depressed. She is however moving on a little more each day. So I really have to put stock in the old saying that time heals all wounds! I am living by this statement the rest of my life, because it is a good thing to remember and apply to life. Princess will be fine, she just needs sometime to adjust to a new way of living in her new environment. Pigglet and her were born just a couple months apart, so she has never experienced life without her baby sister. Anyhow... Pigglet had a brain tumor and she was very seriously ill in her last few months. So I think that made it easier on my hubby and me to make the decision. So to rap things up, yes I truly believe that all dogs mourn for canine brother or sister. It's really hard to detect if they are mourning because they cannot express their feelings as well as us humans can. Well thanks for letting me get a lot off my chest; Warmest Regards from Princess and her mommy Veronica V.

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    Stories from Dog Lovers About “Do Dogs Mourn the Death of Another Dog?”

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