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Stories from Dog Lovers About “Do Dogs Mourn the Death of Another Dog?”

By: PetPlace dog lovers

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  • Lenny a Carolina dog lost Puter, a Golden Retriever English Setter mix. Lenny pulled out his hair on his tail and howled and paced. I have never seen a dog do this. I kept him close to me but since I had to go to work, my neighbors said he howled when I was gone. I got another dog from Stray Haven ASPCA...a Terrier Lab mix female named Helen and Lenny is happy. He takes care of her and keeps her in line.

  • The first time I saw this happen was when our First Dog, Mishu died. Our second dog, Gracie Anne came to us "second hand", and had a lot of issues. She was afraid, skittish, nervous, unsure of herself, etc. She was an Australian Cattle Dog, a Blue Heeler. The people who she lived with couldn't handle her and wanted to get rid of her. We took her. It took a good year for her to settle in and be happy. She took Mishu's death so hard, she totally regressed and we had to pretty much start over with her. I loved her dearly from the moment I set eyes on her. The third dog came along, little Murphy, and he fell in love with her too. We used to joke and say he was Gracie Anne's dog. Well, nine years later, and Gracie Anne too passed away. But this time she didn't just disappear the way Mishu did. This time we brought her home to bury her out on our land in the country. This time, we let the dog that was left behind see the dog that died. And Murphy mourned her, but he didn't drive himself crazy looking for her. He KNEW she had died, he saw and smelled her. He sticks very close to me now, and together we mourn Gracie Anne and comfort each other.

  • We have had two dogs that mourned over their friend that passed. We had a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua when the Chi passed the Pom always went looking for her as the two of them usually slept together. We got another friend for him but is not the same. My husband and I volunteer with a Pug Rescue and we had a little older pug that came into Rescue that drug her back legs. The vet thought there was possible neurological damage. My husband worked with her and did physical therapy and massage therapy believe me it worked. She was able to walk and walked a half a mile to get the muscle back in her hind legs. She slept in a dog bed on my side of the bed after she developed heart failure we had to put her down. Our other pugs would not sleep in her bed for at least 6 months. I think they were waiting for her to come back to use her bed. Jan G.

  • We recently had one of our dogs put down. We had two Pitt Bulls that if in fact they were human they would have been Husband and Wife! The decision to have "Bugsy" our male put down was one of the most painful decisions we have had to make. He had cancer and it just was not right to keep him alive for the sake of the family. "Brandy" is our female. We also thought of her and the loss she would suffer. Probably more than us if you can understand that. I say this because when we would take Bugsy to the vet Brandy would bark and cry by the door until he was returned home. I couldn't even think of how she would feel if her long time companion NEVER made it home. With a lot of thought I called and had our Vet come to our home to put Bugsy down. Brandy waited outside until Bugsy took his last breath, and then we let her in the house. She didn't really pay to much attention to Bugsy laying on the blanket that we had him on. She investigated the Dr. and his assistant, and she did sniff Bugsy for a second. The Dr. picked up our 75lb. baby and carried him out to his car. My Daughter and Husband walked with him and I stayed with Brandy in the house. She walked over to the door and watched them take Bugsy. It has been a couple months and although she does show signs of depression, and sleeps a lot, she has not one time sat by the door barking or crying waiting for Bugsy to come home! So the answer is without a doubt YES!!! Animals know and grieve! This decision to have our Vet come to our home was the most respectful thing we could have done for Brandy as well as Bugsy! Please if at all possible, educate people on the fact that there are other options for families like ours that may be faced with this heartbreaking decision! Thank you! Shelley M.

  • Molly and her birth sister grew up together and were never really separated except for times when her sister Misty was in the hospital. Misty was born with a birth defect, a Cleft Lip and then later developed Systemic Histyiotosis. They were together all the time and Misty would protect her nose when Molly wanted to play a little to forceful... When Misty died at 4 1/2 years old, Molly started to mope around, wasn't playful, didn't greet us with the usual smile and this lasted over two years... We were getting ready to retire and decided to get another Golden Retriever. Molly's new sister Maci is a red golden and has given Molly back all the sweetness and love and playfulness that was missing in her life...seeing her ears all perked up and coaxing her new sister into play has taken all the heartache out of losing Misty. We will never forget how brave Misty was or the love and faith she taught us.....but Molly has someone to run and play with and they are now best friends, trying to see who gets Mom and Dads attention first.

  • Yes dogs mourn the loss of other dogs and even other pets. When a pet dies I just sit and hold the other pets and sing to them and let them how I love them are they are very special to me. DeQuita.

  • My Beautiful Border Collie, Sid Vicious, was already about 10-years-old when Bear our Red pitt and Charpe mix joined the family. Bear was about 5 months old at the time and was already the size of my Sid. Last years Sid developed serious spinal problems and could no longer walk and was in great pain --so to my heartache we let him sleep. We took him directly home afterward and placed him in our yard under a wonderful old tree. Later I let Bear out and he went directly to the spot and lay himself down at the bottom of Sid's new bed and gazed up at the sky. He stayed for 30 minutes. He did this every day for 2 weeks. He has never been the same since. He gets happy sometimes but never like before and he always seems to be checking my closet where Sid used to sleep; as if he's hoping to still see him there. It's been about a year now and Bear still goes out and Lies by Sid at least once a week. Dogs do mourn; and we both still miss Sid.

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    Stories from Dog Lovers About “Do Dogs Mourn the Death of Another Dog?”

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