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Stories from Dog Lovers About “Do Dogs Mourn the Death of Another Dog?”

By: PetPlace dog lovers

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  • Our yellow lab got sick and had to be euthanized. when I got home without him, my little basenji looked all over to see where he was. It took a few weeks for him to know that his big friend wouldn't come home again. Every time he'd hear the car he'd come running to see if, just maybe, his friend was there. And when he wasn't he'd whimper and cry and plop down on his sofa. Don't tell me animals don't have feelings, each dog that I've had has let me know they missed their friend. Jannetje R. and Jake and Lady.

  • We got Shadow, a Weimaraner, when he was about 8 months old. He had been abandoned in a trailer park and had to be trapped to be caught. We brought him home and our sheltie Maggie took him under her wing. They became best friends. Maggie died when she was 13 of heart failure. Shadow was so sad that he would sit on our patio and howl. After a month we got him another friend, a mini pin named Toby. They became good friends. When Shadow got sick and was going to the Rainbow bridge, the last thing he heard was me saying "go see your Maggie". RIP Shaddy and Mags!

  • I have a golden retriever as well as a pit/Labrador mix. They are a real interesting pair. Taz, the mix breed, is the one I worry about because if we have to take Casey (the golden) out of the yard and Taz doesn't go with us, he just really falls apart. He whines, paces and works HARD on getting out of the yard to go find his friend. If we take Taz out of the yard and leave Casey, he seems to know that Taz will be back and doesn't get all "riled up" the way that Taz does. They enjoy each other's company and are good dogs but very different in their emotions. They seem to truly fit the profile of the breed. The golden is relaxed, easy going. The pit/lab mix is hyper, a bit sensitive and runs EVERYWHERE. But they are my boys & I love them!

  • Dougal a nearly 14yr old Pom's Mum died just last year she was just 4 months over 14yrs herself, we buried her at the bottom of our garden but you can see her headstone from the kitchen window so not that far away, while we were burying her Dougal would not come near, he waited near the kitchen door, but watched, he must have knew what was happening. Since then he has jumped into his Mum's Elle's paws, being my buddy. She was literally my shadow, now Dougal is filling her place. It was and still is at times very hard to loose a loved pet, Elle went everywhere with me, even to bed, Dougal is bigger he has his own bed. I have beautiful memories of Elle, I will always miss her, they each have their own personality, different, but lovable.

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    Stories from Dog Lovers About “Do Dogs Mourn the Death of Another Dog?”

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