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Ten Must Have Dog Gifts

By: Renae Hamrick, RVT

Read By: Pet Lovers
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The holidays are upon us, and everyone is filled with the joy of the season... including Fido! When you're gathered with your family, enjoying good food and fellowship and exchanging gifts, don't forget your beloved four-legged friends. Listed below are ten must-have Fido-friendly gifts to enlighten your dog this holiday.

1. While You Are Gone: DVD For Dogs will relax and entertain your furry friend while you are away from home. This DVD includes a virtual game of Frisbee, a virtual walk through the woods (complete with wildlife), soothing music and other sounds which are familiar and comforting to dogs.

2. While You Are Gone: Music Pets Love will also provide your dog with comfort while you are unable to be by his side. Put this CD on repeat before you leave home so your dog can experience soothing music and familiar sounds until you return.

3. The PetMate Burrow Bed is perfect for dogs who love to snuggle in a warm spot – like against you under the covers! This ultra-soft bed, complete with a dog-sized, cozy pocket, provides warmth, security, and the feeling of being cuddled. Older dogs may especially appreciate this holiday gift.

4. Mountainsmith Dog Pack may be just what dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, has ordered for your energetic pooch. According to this very popular, very talented dog trainer/rehabilitator, every dog needs a job; it is ideal for their wellbeing. What kind of job can your dog perform? Carrying a backpack! He can carry it around the house, on a walk, on a hike, anywhere! Visit

5. Fat Cat Political Animals are fun, stuffed toys which are actually very durable! The Political Animal Series includes toy Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, and Arnold Schwarzenegger dolls for your dog to love on, chew on, drool on, or whatever he pleases! Find these plush politicians and other creative toys at

6. Honor your mixed breed dog with a Pure Mutt Collar from It's stylish, humorous, and it will make your mutt proud!

7. A perfect stocking stuffer, Pegetables are a fun, tasty, and healthy chew treat. Shaped like vegetables, these doggie snacks are made from real carrots, celery, and corn! Pick some up for your dog at!

8. Funagle and Do You Mind, a board game and a dice/card game you play with other people AND your dog!!! There's nothing your dog wants more this holiday than spending quality time with you. Visit for a gift your dog will always cherish.

9. HI.Q. is a challenging treat-dispensing toy to stimulate your dog's mind and keep him busy. HI.Q. consists of inter-locking parts that you can assemble and take apart, load with treats, and present your dog with a new puzzle every time. Test your dog's smarts with a gift from

10. SolacePet Jewelry provides a special way to remember a beloved pet who lives on in your heart. This handcrafted jewelry is made special for you and the pet whose life you are celebrating. Preserve ashes, photos, or other memoirs and carry it close to your heart always. Give yourself a gift this holiday and honor your cherished pet with SolacePet Jewelry.

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Ten Must Have Dog Gifts

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