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The Bling is the Thing! For Dogs and Cats too!!

By: Rebecca K. O’Connor

Read By: Pet Lovers
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With pet crazy Americans spending $38.4 billion on their animals this year, you've got to wonder what all the money is being spent on. Even the best food and fanciest toys aren't all that expensive. If you've been wondering where all the doggie cash is going, it might not surprise you that canine fashion is all the rage, but it's not just clothing. Some dogs and cats have as much "bling" as J-Lo. If you haven't bought your dog jewelry recently, you may be missing the boat!

In August this year, the first ever Pet Fashion Week was staged in New York. This is a sure sign that fashion is at last truly going to the dogs. Pet couture is all the rage for the pet crazy crowd. The event focused on high-end, innovative pet products for the most discerning pet lovers. Many items were one of a kind and prices weren't for the faint of heart.

Attendees were treated to a high-end fashion show sporting designs such as quilted, metallic Italian lambskin coats with Swarovski crystals by Chien Couture ($1,000 with matching leads available for $500), and other fashions by designers Donald J. Kliner and Randolph Duke. The Bark Avenue Jeweler's semi-bezel diamond dog necklaces were available for $4,495. Not to mention a one-of-a-kind diamond dog collar priced at $250,000, which was sold. There was a $5,500 doggie wedding dress by Emma Rose Designs available for the canine bride to be. Not to mention faux fur dog beds from Michel's Les Poochs VIP Bed Collection which ranged from $800 to $2,000.

New York isn't the only place where fashion nods to canines. All over the country, dog clothing boutiques are popping up. Terrie Buma, owner of Fancie Face Fashion in Visalia, California says, "I don't think this is going to be something that's going to fade out. In fact, I like to tell people that I think in five years, there will be no naked dogs walking the street."

Even cats are getting in on the bling and not just with diamond collars. A dentist in Alexandria, Indiana gave his kitty, Sebastian a golden grin with two gold crowns. The crowns, at $900 a piece were placed on Sebastian's two bottom canines, which grew sticking out of his lips like a bulldog's under bite. The gold crowns are meant to strengthen the cat's unusual canines and to avoid problems in the future, but have given his a unique look. Now Sebastian could probably do a cameo in a hip hop video, his "grill" shining for the camera. No doubt about it. The bling is the pet crazy thing!

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The Bling is the Thing! For Dogs and Cats too!!

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