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The Love of a Labrador Mix Named Cinder

By: Petplace Staff

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We can never be sure what the future holds and sometimes tragedy strikes. Although we are always aware that it is likely we will outlive our dogs, we rarely consider the possibility of our own untimely death.

I just read a bittersweet story about a dog named Cinder who lost her best friend, but brought great comfort to her favorite person's wife. You can read the whole story here

Cinder was adopted from the SPCA by a couple who were instantly in love her personality and the adorable white spot on her chest. Cinder love her new home, but her deepest adoration was for the man of the house. Cinder kept busy all day keeping her gentleman friend company while his wife was at work.

After seven years of being his constant companion, Cinder's favorite human developed cancer. After a year of being in and out of the hospital, he passed away and Cinder had to while away her days alone.

Poor Cinder in her grief lost six pounds, but shared her grief with her best friend's wife. She has become a loving friend and protector, her heart hurting, but still open. So frequently dogs are wonderful examples of how to be better humans.

Do you know where your dog will go if something happens to you? If there's more than one person in the household then chances are your dog will have good company in grief and healing. If you live alone, you may want to have a plan. Find your dog a godparent and make sure they know and agree that if anything happens to you they will give your dog an equally loving home.

Until next time...

Petplace Staff

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The Love of a Labrador Mix Named Cinder

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