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Things Dogs Can Teach Humans

By: Petplace Staff

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Dogs are interesting creatures – the love and companionship that they show us never ceases to amaze me. And if you want and consider your dog carefully – there are many things they can teach you.

For example:

1. Be direct with people– if you are happy – let it show

2. Always leave room in your schedule for a nap

3. Always give people a friendly greeting

4. Don't ever leave home without your ID

5. A real kiss is always sloppy and wet

6. Always take time to smell the roses (and trees, rocks, grass, fire hydrants, plants....)

7. If you stare at someone long enough – you'll get some sort of attention

8. Be careful where you put your tongue

9. Sleep in any position you find comfortable (gosh - dogs really do that don't they?)
10.Scratch where it itches (we have to be so polite - but dogs never care!)

11. Play every chance you get (now THERE'S some good advice!)

For more heartwarming thought – go to Things You Can Learn From a Dog or If Your Dog Were a Teacher – Things You Would Learn.

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Things Dogs Can Teach Humans

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