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Tip for Puppy HouseTraining

By: Terry Pittman - Lebanon, Indiana

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Here is a tip from one of our users:

My Family and I are totally nuts over our four legged family members. When I first received my toy miniature poodle Mickie, I was a caretaker in a very old home that was turned into an office/entertainment center for foreign Ministers and Students. I had to take care of the solid cherry wood floors, cabinets, the oriental rugs, and etc. Mickie was only 7 weeks old and not housebroken. After a few "accidents" my mom suggested putting diapers on her.

Yes I know how weird this sounds. But Mom pointed out that puppies don't like wet tummies. So I started putting cloth diapers on her. To make them, I cut a hole for her tail in both the diaper and the rubber pants.) I had a couple "dirty ones" to change and of course a few wet ones. But it wasn't any different to changing and bathing a human baby. I had her potty trained in under a week. It is VERY EASY. You put the diaper on the pet while they are inside and remove it when you take them out. Be sure praise your baby for a "Good Job" making as big a fuss as you would if it was human (of course they think are.) Just remember the "DISPOSABLE DIAPERS" DO NOT WORK FOR THIS. They protect from the wetness. Good Puppy Potty Training!

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Tip for Puppy HouseTraining

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