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Tip for Teaching the Come Command to Pups

By: Jackie MacIlroy - New Brunswick, Canada

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Here is a tip from one of our users:

I love my Cavaliers but like most spaniels they get their noses to the ground and can take off running. I start teaching my puppies "come" very early in their development. I am a breeder that house trains my new puppies prior to placement. Because training in a pack is much simpler than one on one. In the early training weeks the puppies follow me like ducklings to their mother. As soon as I start to see the independence creeping in, meaning when I tap the crate and they no longer come to go in, I get my trusted treat can out. I put nothing but the most delectibledelectable treat in it, my dog's favorite, dried liver treats, and just wee bits. I shake the can and enthusiastically do the "come" command. Once they have tasted their first piece of heaven, they come every time. I then pass on to the new owners the magic of the can, and the "come" command. I explain to them if they have to use the can to get their little sweet pea to come then they have to every time give a treat, unlike the traditional training where treats slowly disappear into occasional treats and lots of praise. This ensures the recovery of your animal in situations where for some reason they got loose and are running. It works and knowing that I have equipped my puppies' new owners with an almost fail proof "come" on a dog that runs.

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Tip for Teaching the Come Command to Pups

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