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Tip on Scrapbooking Your Dog's Silhouette

By: McGhyver Stuart - Valdosta, GA

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Here is a tip from one of our users:

After reading your idea for scrapbooking, I thought I'd share my technique for making very attractive silhouettes of my dogs. These are great pieces of classic art when nicely framed, and considered historically tasteful! ;-) Not that "Dogs Playing Poker" isn't considered art....

1. Take a full-length profile digital photo of your dog on a sunny day. You need enough light for good contrast so the outline of the dog is clear. (You can have someone pose with your dog to hold the head, adjust the feet just so, and maybe even hold up the tail. You're going for a dog show-type pose. The person in the picture won't be seen in the finished silhouette.)

2. Print the photo out onto plain paper. Be sure to make the dog the size you want in the silhouette.

3. Glue the photo onto black paper; art paper, construction paper, etc.

4. Cut out around the outline of your dog in the photo. Cut tufts of grass (or cattails or other items appropriate for your dog's breed or personality) to add character and depth to the silhouette.

5. Turn the cutout over. You now have the black outline.

6. Glue the black figure to your paper background. Traditionally this is white.

7. Add a mat, frame, and hang proudly in your home.


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Tip on Scrapbooking Your Dog's Silhouette

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