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Top 10 Dog Videos of 2013

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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We love fun videos! Here are our top 10 dog videos of 2013!

10. Dinner – Doggie Style

This is too funny - made us laugh!

9. Sit, Stay...Oh No

Bloopers from various dog agility trials!

8. Rescue Dog Saved By Hug

This dog had been abused and was scared. What a nice ending.

7.Daddy's Home!

When her "Da-Da" returns home from the military, Gracie can't contain herself.

6.Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Have you ever seen a dog look guilty? This is funny!

5.Talking Dog Wants Food

A human and his dog "talk" about food in this silly video.

4.Dog and Tiger Make Friends

This isn't something you see every day!

3. Just Ducky

A gentle pit bull terrier makes friends with a duckling.

2. Dog Mows Law

Chores aren't just for humans anymore.

1.Dog Steals Sled

Some dogs enjoy the winter, just make sure that yours knows proper playtime manners!

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Top 10 Dog Videos of 2013

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