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Top 20 Human Food that Poison Dogs in the U.S.

By: Courtesy of Embrace Pet Insurance

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Dogs are known for eating things they should not. To make matters worse, some of these things are toxic. Embrace Pet Insurance has shared their database of claim information to reveal the human foods that poison the most pets. Chocolate tops the list of food accident claims received by Embrace, followed by raisins and mushrooms.

There are more than 100,000 cases of pet poisoning in the United States each year. "If you aren't sure if a food is toxic, please check with your veterinarian before feeding something new" says Dr. Debra Primovic, editor in chief of "Many well intending pet owners think a grapes or raisins are not a problem and later find their dog has developed kidney failure."

Laura Bennett CEO & Co-Founder of Embrace says: "Raising awareness of everyday hazards in your own pantry can help prevent undue distress to the nation's pets."

The top 20 toxic food items from Embrace's claims archive, in order of frequency, were:

1. Chocolate
2. Raisins
3. Mushroom
4. Xylitol (sweetener commonly in gum and pastries)
5. Grapes
6. Vitamins
7. Chewing Gum
8. Bones
9. Uncooked Chicken
10. Macadamia Nuts
11. Sugar
12. Bread
13. Cake
14. Coffee
15. Corn Cobs
16. Dough (especially yeast doughs)
17. Uncooked raw meat
18. Rawhide
19. Uncooked salmon
20. Avocado

Ranking number 1 is chocolate. The worst variety of chocolate for pets is dark baking chocolate.

Symptoms of pet poisoning can vary from mild stomach and bowel upset (vomiting and diarrhea) to neurological problems, kidney failure, low blood sugar, cardiac and respiratory distress, coma, and even death. Symptoms depend on the item and quantity ingested or inhaled, and the physiological response of the individual pet.

"Some foods can be toxic to one pet in certain amounts and not bother another pet", says Primovic. "For example – as little as a couple raisins could cause kidney failure in one dog and may not affect a different dog."

Healthy treats that are safe for pets may include small amounts of lean cuts of meat (as long as they have been properly cooked, thoroughly cooled and have no bones) and small pieces of vegetables such as carrots.

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Top 20 Human Food that Poison Dogs in the U.S.

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