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Top 2008 Pet Products – Super Skamper-Ramp for Pet or Animal Water Safety

By: Petplace Staff

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We recently evaluated dozens of pet products and want to give you information on some of our favorites. Our 2008 winner included this product called Scamper Ramp. To read more of our 2008 product reviews – go to Top Pet Products of 2008 Reviewed – See the Top 5 Products!

If you and your four-legged friend are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool or live and play near water, you've probably noticed that your pooch has a very difficult time climbing vertical stairs (Lassie is the exception). Vertical boat, dock, and swimming pool stairs are not designed for the canine anatomy and that's why the Skamper-Ramp was invented.

Most dogs can instinctively swim quite well, but there are the exceptions. I know of a Yorkshire Terrier, Yoda, that did not fare well when she fell into the pool and went straight to the bottom. (Don't worry - she was rescued.) Breeds like Bulldogs, which have short legs and huge heads, are not great swimmers.

Every year in the United States, tens of thousands of family pets needlessly drown in swimming pools and walled ponds/lakes, along with countless millions of other creatures – raccoons, possums, squirrels, frogs, chipmunks, mice, etc. The fact is pools are perilous for pets.

Skamper Ramp Swimming Pool Safety

The award-winning Super Skamper-Ramp is the latest lifesaving water escape device preventing drowning.

No pool owner wants anything to drown in their pool, whether it is a critter or, more especially, a pet that is considered an important part of a family! Though some drowning occurs by day, it occurs most often at night due to a pool fence or door being unsecured and leaving the pool owner, boat owner, or waterfront resident with a cruel surprise.


The award-winning Super Skamper-Ramp is the latest lifesaving water escape device preventing drowning. This lightweight, blow-molded ramp is made of a strong white material called polyethylene. It is chemical and UV/solar resistant. None of the Skamper-Ramp models will become yellow, mildew or "scummy" over time -- and they won't grow barnacles. It can be tied to your pool stairs or bolted into the cement as recommended. The Skamper-Ramps come with a one year warranty, are recyclable and 100% made in America!!

The new Super Skamper-Ramp accommodates animals of all sizes -- even the largest dog's entire body! Long dogs can actually climb on with their hind and front legs at the same time. Small dogs are able to grip onto the larger holes very easily & navigate their way up.

Because of the horizontal positioning provided by the Skamper-Ramp, a dog can swim over and easily grip the circular holes and crawl up the ramp to get out of the water. The extender "wings" on the side, provide great stability. I tested this product out for a summer safety news feature and it passed with flying colors. At the time of testing the only Skamper-Ramp available was recommended for a 40 pound dog and our small Pomeranian tester tipped the scales at about 6 pounds. Much to our amazement, this toy dog was still able to grip the much larger holes and even take a "breather" half way up the ramp. The first time exiting via the Skamper-Ramp, it took him about 10-15 seconds from start to finish exiting the pool. I was impressed, to say the least.

In the case of vinyl-lined pools, one of the more expensive things to replace or repair is the vinyl liner.... And this is especially frustrating when the damage was caused by a frantic animal trying to escape from drowning! What can prevent this? Leaving a Skamper-Ramp installed to make sure no critter is trapped and punctures the liner.

I hope that every home in America that owns a pet and participates in water activities, invests in a Skamper-Ramp. It's important to take the time to train your dog or cat how to escape safely. Using the ramp & training your pets to use it, will providing invaluable peace-of-mind to pet owners and animal lovers and will work even when no one is there to help!

PROS for Super Skamper-Ramp

  • At approximately $100, it's a very inexpensive life-saving tool that is actually attractive.

  • Let's assume you have a pet who does not like to swim that accidentally falls into the pool, the Skamper-Ramp could save their life.

  • Swimming is one of the best non-impact cardio workouts for dogs. With the Skamper-Ramp, you can feel much safer allowing your pet to enjoy water activities as much as you do.

    CONS for Super Skamper-Ramp

    Some people do not like the idea of bolting the Skamper-Ramp into concrete. Tying it to the stairs is an option, but makes it a wobbly and unstable if the rope loosens. You need to check the rope regularly to make sure it is consistently very tight.

    FINAL THOUGHTS on Super Skamper-Ramp

    Pets who are unsuccessful in exiting water the first time will try the same exiting points & methods over and over again until they exhaust themselves. They need a Skamper-Ramp. Even more dangerous are the slick pool liners that are virtually impossible to grip which will eventually tire your pet and can cause them to drown. Additionally, if you have those descending concrete stairs in the shallow end of your pool, having a product like Skamper-Ramp, can give your pet a second option for escape if they become tired. This product is a winner!

    For more information on the Super Skamper Ramp – go to Super Skamper-Ramp.


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    Top 2008 Pet Products – Super Skamper-Ramp for Pet or Animal Water Safety

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