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Top Dog Breeds for Apartment Life

By: PetPlace Staff

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Dogs make their homes in the city and country, in mansions, single family houses, condominiums, and even in apartments. For some breeds, life in an apartment is easy. If you live in an apartment and are looking to add a dog to your life, consider one of the following breeds.

Pug. Weighing in at 10 to 25 pounds, the pug is perfect for the apartment dweller. Small and compact with a pushed-in face, the pug is a clown at heart. With a short hair coat, this breed does not need special care and is a loving member of any family. As long as he is taken for brief walks, he is happy to sleep the day away.

Schipperke. Although not well known, this breed is great for apartment living. A small black dog with no tail, the Schipperke generally weighs around 10 to 18 pounds. This is an active dog that likes to be involved in all aspects of the family. Daily exercise is a must.

Schnauzer. The standard and miniature schnauzer are wonderful apartment pets. Eager to please and to keep the family safe, this breed usually requires regular grooming and daily exercise. They thrive on human companionship.

Scottish terrier. This working dog from the Scottish Highlands weighs around 15 to 20 pounds. Most often black, the Scottie is highly intelligent and needs daily exercise. Tough and compact, the Scottie is a loyal and protective family member.

Yorkshire terrier. The Yorkie is a tiny dog with lots of spunk. They are happy to spend their days lounging on the sofa, but these calm dogs require regular grooming. Weighing less than 10 pounds, this breed is well suited for apartment life.

Cocker spaniel. The popular cocker with his curly hair and sad eyes is a good choice for apartment life. He needs basic exercise and usually spends his days lounging and waiting for his owner's return.

Welsh corgi. At about 25 pounds, the Pembroke Welsh corgi is a popular pet. This stocky short tailed breed needs daily exercise but does not require a large living space.

West Highland white terrier. This small white terrier is playful and loveable but does require some exercise to keep him happy. The perfect size for an apartment, the Westie is a good watch dog and faithful companion that needs some grooming to keep his coat mat and tangle free.

Whippet. As a moderate-sized greyhound look-a-like, the whippet enjoys racing around a track just as much as he likes to cuddle next to his owner. A faithful family member, the whippet isn't the greatest watch dog. Be aware that many whippet owners have found that owning just one isn't enough.

Italian greyhound. The IG is a tiny version of the greyhound. Usually weighing around 10 pounds, the IG is fast and quick to learn. Though they do enjoy a good chase, the IG also loves snoozing on the sofa.

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Top Dog Breeds for Apartment Life

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